Mar 15, 17 / Ari 18, 01 09:58 UTC

MARS ONE. 14 March 2017::: Mars Exploration Is Just A Decade Away  

Asgardia asks: Please share your thoughts on the exploration of solar system planets. Do you think that our generation will be able to see humans stepping on Mars?.. Answer: I think yes. Our children can see. I am hopeful. Your İdea ?

Dear Asgardians and Igor Ashurbeylı

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Mar 15, 17 / Ari 18, 01 11:17 UTC

The problem is that our grandchildren (or worse great-grandchildren) will be the first civilian colonist on mars presuming they solved the problem of creating oxygen and water in such a place by that time.

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Mar 15, 17 / Ari 18, 01 16:59 UTC

There's already water on Mars.

There's also a plan being formed for getting to it (

Mar 16, 17 / Ari 19, 01 05:14 UTC

The discovery of the massive glacier under Utopia Planitia has made colonizing Mars viable. Before that, I didn't think it was realistic except for suicide missions. Now I expect to see it before I am old.

Mar 19, 17 / Ari 22, 01 05:28 UTC

I've been close following MarsOne and sadly it seems its just well planned money collecting scam. They have done nothing solid yet, only released plans and roadmaps, which just change dates when something should happen. They announced that they are cooperating with Lockheed Martin company, but its not true. Many people in the MarsOne community is really into it, but i fear they will only lose their money. :(