Sep 14, 17 / Sco 05, 01 16:03 UTC

Once it's built.  

So here's a question. What happens once the Ark is built? What will life on the Ark be like? Food? Jobs? Recreation?

I've heard one of the official say something about a community garden and food rations.. But is it going to be a vegan diet? Will we be using the dehydrated foods? Or will they bring livestock up with them?

What kind of jobs will be available? Obviously fast food is out... And there's the standard Legal work. But if you can't become a citizen until you're 18, then is there a school? Or is there a college? Will there be specific people for maintaining the green scape? Or is that going to be part of the community garden thing? And what about firefighters? A fire starting in a pressurized area, especially one like that, would be a nightmare.

And then there's downtime. Obviously group games would be an easy thing. But what about internet? New movies, or music or art? Would we make our own studio? Or would the actors that came with us have to travel back and forth? Offline video games would be easy, but what about mmos'? And phones? I'm pretty sure even Verizon doesn't cover space...

And then there's a question about animals. Can we bring our pets? 

I don't know about the rest of you, but I'm more interested in the actual living there than the politics ( that seem pretty Mitch set up already) of the new nation...

Sep 14, 17 / Sco 05, 01 19:00 UTC

All good questions, but when we will have a real ark i don't know.
Thats why i am in favor to do rehearsals in VR worlds and test
everything out before we do the real thing and risk future lives.