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(Open topic to debate)What do you think about ET life evolved in conscience  

Hi all this is an example of modern cult. (Believe what you want about this)Free way of Think. They the ET of high conscience advising us respect our free will. They could not appear in massive way cause alot humans of earth not awake and are under the scheme mental of elites (gov,militar,religious any,economical-regressive Et behind already) and alot nor have conscience about how the good ones guide us(in telepathy of proactive positive way an example) cause they porpoise is make persons with conscience in spiritual way respecting the universal laws. Thats why humanity nor prepared and if the regressives ones not dominate us at all is thanks to the awaked humans with high conscience about stellar humans evolved. We want no slavery from elites. We want Elite please Open conscience     👽 👽   👽 👽 👽        👽       👽 👽                   👽    👽               👽       👽         👽          👽   👽              👽

Warning: try see this info without any actual religious mental scheme of any religion/political/military/economical actual schemes and if really is want open global conscience of understanding.


They are concerned about us and want us to join the galactic community because Earth is not ok and we are not united as a race they are our TRUE allies unlike some other ETs

evolved in the light, and the high vibrations of love, unity and the respect of the Universal Laws (Law of free will for instance) they exist multidimensionally created the Human Federation and other organizations

Humankind originates from the Lyrae Star System After the Lyran Wars (600000 years many humans died) and the Reptilian invasion Lyran humans scattered around many star systems (Pleiades,Andromeda,Tau Ceti....)


They are very Intelligent and benevolent humans, loving and spiritualized beings that follow the path of light, love, compassion and respect of nature. They are evolved ( opposed of regressive)

They are focused on

-Raising human awareness -Multidimensional conscience -Promoting biodiversity -Understanding of the galactic history -Help us to discover the human Essence -Global education -Ending global secrecy of ETs

  • integrating spiritual values with advanced technologies
  • Crop Circles
  • Exposing regressive ET
  • Monitoring Unfriendly activity
  • Challenging belief systems

They contact people and help us to be free from regressive ET manipulation and secret shadow military activities

Many are ahead from us like big brothers and sisters of the 4th 5th 9th dimensions they have joined technology and spiritually telepathy-telekinesis-time travel are some of they abilities than human have when awakened (DNA strands) -Raising human awareness -Multidimensional conscience -Promoting biodiversity -Understanding of the galactic history -Help us to discover the human Essence -Global education -Ending global secrecy of ETs

 They guide and help us because exist the malevolent ET manipulation respecting our free of will, other will are among us for other motives

They can show some specific features like the multicultural variety  witching the race of earth

​​​​​​ Facts God=Cosmos There are two kinds of aliens= Aliens that are good for the humans they give advises and regressive aliens(reptilians and slaved for they some grays) *There are 7 levels of evolution *The evolution need is about make conscience in how you can understand other people even different of you  make harmonic societies , conscience about high vibrations. *levels of evolution Level 1 Mineral Level 2 Vegetal Level 3 animal Level 4 Human Level 5 energetic Level 6 Spiritual Level 7 Divine (each level have 7 sublevels) *Humans of earth we have all 4.3 evolved level yet-some now are preparing for bê 4.4. *Extraterrestrials of higher level of conscience have 4.4 , 4.5, 4.6, 4.7 (until level 5 energetic and each level have 1234567 stellar humans guides. *There are regressive alien races who are the mad to us and they are behind elites (not good for the humans or help in opening their conscience need) (Elites of government, religious, military, economic etc existed "always") +of an ​ stellar human​ extraterrestrial and also extraterrestrial procedure technology to conception of that kind (as Jesus was is use in cases as human 4.3 and 4.4 and to 4.5 etc) not as we know to male & female normally was in base a some ray" (extraterrestrial technology) the concept of God indoctrinated was manipulated and " misunderstood " for some indoctrinated groups. God is the vibes of vibes of the cosmos the creator and the cosmos itself,  (nor as a punisher God) Of an Extraterrestrial of higher conscience stellar human Jesus son (is lost the idea of the help from stellar humans to us for the manipulation of religions and indoctrinations of any about and how they had the concept indoctrinated of the real God , nor punisher as some religious with indoctrinations  ways told us about  but was just the action of some stellar humans trying to help humanity though the history of human  civilizations of regressive actions , some even had to act against regressive human groups to save slaved tribes and Even political indoctrinations as we know play a roll in how we are lost this important info to evolve in conscience that is our destiny) Had the mission to say to his generation changing about look to God in The inner introspective way because we all have his essence and make peace with the enemy. *Our divine destiny is be united to the creator God the Cosmos. In reincarnation is learn and reincarnation isn't bad. Is can until is learn to pass level of conscience *All religions are manipulated and not to trust We must start to believe in this real fact about there are out our space another humans who are our brothers and sisters of higher conscience extraterrestrials who already have harmonic societies and now they guide us NOW all we have the same divine destiny. See behind that filters and you could let that mental scheme behind and persons we could learn how to understand us better with no differences and no wars. evolution the mind and conscience.

Warning: try see this info without any actual religious mental scheme of any religion/political/military/economical actual schemes and if really is want open global conscience of understanding.  

All religions , Christian, Islam, Jewish , buda religions etc , all are manipulated to elite control us and also all political economical and military systems. While any think their religious/political way is better than the other or exist that kind of differences  That's why exist human conflicts , war or misunderstood and that's why humans see each other as enemies but what about if all could change mental schemes slaving us and start an era of conscience and interchange of services and we could get off the economical system and enrichment of elites bads they destroy. And why not in fact  the world can start a new era of understanding but just wake up now find your idea of human being and understanding in the eye of any who have different idea of religion than you (this for all) 

think until is for the positive or proactive actions for a commun way until a point a religion any can be OK and  until a limitation make conscience spiritually to the persons. But the problem is about for a global understanding paradigms of religion just make not unity because  while theres marked different paradigms of religions always could be a group religious against other group of religion and while is thinking for a side or other one religion vs the other religion is better than each other. Conflict and wars not end at all. And that's the elite indoctrination behind that control of religion anyways. So is like a cycle of vicious. That's why looking for free will make conscience of true harmony between culture without any elite indoctrination can and must be our goal. The cosmos is God and we are just that extended way from Cosmos.  We Will back to where we came from and will back  to that frequency and the things imperfects negative exist came from the application of the free will in negative regressive way instead the application of the free will for proactive positive Way thats why just came from and Also God not punish but the actions in base of The mad free will punish . (cause is low frequency and against The laws of the high vibrations and Is need start to understanding and compassion from human being to human being learn to evolve and have conscience of evolve in high frequencies) 

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How about : No ?

Religion should be a private thing. The last thing Asgardia needs is the same fanatical shenanigans as on Earth. This is no computer game. There is no need to invent a cult.

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Indeed isnt exactly an invent cult believe or not in earth there are alot who know and believe this same I mention and as I mention is free to open conscience and is can take the good of this :) plus consider what we mention about this is can in the majority or can apply in alot senses about as an Asgardian could hope. So the only difference here is this is free and too proactive not an indoctrination (that have tendency to end in fanatism)

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