Hi everyone,

I understand that advertising and marketing are discouraged on the forum, however I wanted to open the discussion on how to formalize a method for individuals to advertise or request support for businesses they intend to grow. The following are some thoughts:

  1. We would need a single channel, and limit organizations to a single topic/sub channel
  2. There need to be clear rules as to what is appropriate (for example space related technology that can benefit/support Asgardian development off Earth vs a sports drink that although may be used in space, doesn't necessarily support Asgardia's development directly)
  3. Level of engagement  are we asking for angel investors, venture capital, small vs large amounts etc?
  4. Standardized format for relevant post

This comes from some of what I am currently involved with, as well as a way for fellow Asgardians to identify opportunities to get involved with financially or regarding their careers. It may also help The Kingdom of Asgardia to identify organizations worth watching/investing in to support the movement into space and realizing the nation's missions.

Thoughts, opinions, feedback?