May 7, 17 / Gem 15, 01 18:42 UTC

The Giver  

The Giver is a book that trys to represent a utopia, but in the end is a distopia. The idea of the book is sameness (every thing is the same, and try to limit any differences) i wont spoil the book if you havent yet read it and want to so ill ask my question. don't read ahead if you don't like spoilers. Like in the book The Giver, is Asgardia trying to control the people? For example the idea of 1 time marriage and having to ask for getting married, in the book, you have to ask for a marriage and can ONLY have one marriage, the gov't ( i guess is what you can call it) Picks who, and if you can get a marriage, same with children. Another concept is houses and cloths. Since it would be easier to have all houses manufactured the same, it would be easier if all houses looked the same, including the insides to because its hard to bring stuff into space in the first place. Same with cloths, it would be easier to bring the things to make clothing to space and make it there. so what i'm trying to ask is Asgardia trying to go to sameness?

Jun 16, 17 / Can 27, 01 17:21 UTC

Hi there,

It is impossible to use all the concepts from The Giver. You can't prevent people from seeing colours or having memories. Other things such as marriage, birth control, euthanasia, way of living - must be either respected and allowed to decide everyone on his own, or restricted by a set of law approved in democratic referendum/voting. Many of these concepts are unacceptable in our world. For now there is no separated space for living in Asgardia country, so we have to fully respect the countries law we're residing in.
It is no time to create such detailed laws yet. More important matters need to be sorted.

Speaking of movies/books concepts - perhaps a closer concept of Asgardians nation is presented in the Divergent (2014) movie.
An amazing community future was also presented in one of the last scenes of Interstellar (nearby Saturn space city).

Jun 21, 17 / Leo 04, 01 13:00 UTC

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