Are Universal changes slowly and slowly by nature?

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66.7% Universal changes are slowly and slowly by nature.

33.3% Universal changes are not slowly and slowly by nature.

Aqu 13, 01 / Jan 13, 17 06:24 UTC

Universal changes are slowly and slowly by nature  

Change is the law of nature.As weather, Climate earthquackes etc.effects us slowly and slowly The sun arises and sets slowly and slowly.So it is felt that Universal changes are slowly and slowly.

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Aqu 16, 01 / Jan 16, 17 06:14 UTC

Dear asgardian sir, Through this topic I want to say to asgardians that everybody should wait for any result.If we plants a tree we wants it's fruits early by nature it's natural process is slowly and slowly so man should not be early .Asgardians must have patience for every result.So asgardians must be awakened for natural process of working.Asgardia is a space nation it's citizens must known about natural facts so we may feel happiness through learned asgardians like you and other scientists asgardians.Thanks.

Pis 02, 01 / Jan 30, 17 10:55 UTC


Would you like to elaborate more on that? I believe many of us aren't experienced as your guru-ness and would appreciate more focused inputs. ^^

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