Jan 3, 17 / Aqu 03, 01 20:53 UTC

Your contact details to deregister  


Unfortunately I can't take part. Please give me the correct e-mail to contact you, with my request.

Jan 3, 17 / Aqu 03, 01 22:16 UTC

(Mod) Hello Malin! We're sorry to see you go but you can email in your request to withdraw your citizenship at this email address: citizens@asgardia.space We wish you well in your future endeavors.

Jan 13, 17 / Aqu 13, 01 16:22 UTC

I have been contacted but nothing has happened. It's not hard to delete an account and ID in a database surely? I would like confirmation when it is done. Thank you

Jan 13, 17 / Aqu 13, 01 18:13 UTC

Hello Malin, Please contact citizens@asgardia.space once again and request that they confirm with you the deletion of your account and ID from the database. Let me know if you have any more concerns regarding the situation. All the best.