Sep 4, 17 / Lib 23, 01 16:19 UTC

Asgardians switch off the lights once a year.....  

From the invention of electricity mankind brought the lights on earth and has to pay a high price for that: namely not to be able any more to observe the starry sky. Therefore I suggest that all Asgardians should switch off their lights regulary at the same time, the first Sunday in November from 10'00 - 10'30 p.m. every year. With this measure it could be possible to see more of the beauty of our night sky. As a side effect I believe that Asgardians would set a good example in order to reduce the consumption of electricity.

Brigitte Kreisl-Walch, Austria

Sep 5, 17 / Lib 24, 01 13:36 UTC

@Dirk Baeyens
Maybe it is time to start a shop with Asgardian candles. ;-)

That would prevent to view far stars and small ones!

Jun 30, 18 / Leo 13, 02 05:14 UTC

Хорошая идея, но не проще изобрести источник энергии безопасный, а на небо смотреть лучше всего где ни будь на природе