Jul 18, 17 / Vir 03, 01 14:25 UTC

Re: Welcome to the Petitions Forum!  

could we not put only 100 approve for the petitions? since reaching then is too dificult, i think 100 is a good number

Jul 18, 17 / Vir 03, 01 14:30 UTC

Hey all!

A lot of the answers to some of the questions about petitions have been updated in the FAQ. I have updated the initial post on this thread with a link to it.


Rebekah Berg
Head of Community Affairs
NGO Asgardia

Jul 18, 17 / Vir 03, 01 14:43 UTC

For the record, neither of my questions were answered in the FAQ.


Jul 19, 17 / Vir 04, 01 19:29 UTC

I submitted a Petition a few minutes ago, so I don't expect to see it posted just yet. 

However, I would like to know if Petitions will be removed once the Constitution voting period is over, many petitions calling for changes to the voting system or changing the constitution etc. 

Some petitions like the crypto currency one should be removed as it states in the FAQ that SOLAR will be a Crypto Currency, whom ever is approving the Petitions should check the FAQ pages before approving them.

Question: Who reviews Petition(s) for posting to supported by fellow Asgardians? 

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Aug 9, 17 / Vir 25, 01 21:05 UTC

The post from Davedgreat2000 asked a very important question: "Who reviews Petition(s) for posting to supported by fellow Asgardians?" 

Since I am not aware of any official assignment or notification designating certain members to the Petition Moderating Team, my best guess is that it's composed of technical support staff (Web Admin Team) and volunteers.  

Sep 9, 17 / Sco 00, 01 22:39 UTC

Hoje eu venho pedir a todos os asgardenses que me apoiem nesta petição abaixo: