Mar 18, 17 / Ari 21, 01 22:51 UTC

Re: Is human body the best phinomena of this universe or any one else ?  

"Better" is an extension of or closely related to "best". What evidence do you draw on to conclude "animals" are unable to understand statistics? or from how they organise their thoughts.

Some might not have "words" - but blue is blue, no matter how you'd reference it. Explaining this to another species isn't likely to be an easy task. Assume I'd not occured the colour blue previously, trying to explain precisely what this is or looks like might present some difficulty and we aleady speak the same language.

And dophins have been recorded clearly demonstrating "conversation" - which requires language.

Mar 19, 17 / Ari 22, 01 01:18 UTC

I studied linguistics for three years. Non-human language-like communication was a kind of hobby, in particular Koko the sign-language using gorilla. I'm not talking idly here. Koko breaks my heart, EyeR. She's so close to language. If I were her, I would be endlessly frustrated by a world close enough for me to touch, but not to live in.

I would strongly encourage you to read more about linguistics because it is fascinating. Also, you will learn that the sounds you think you hear are not the sounds that you are hearing, among many other startling things about the way we think and experience the world. Language is basically a superpower. It literally makes the impossible possible simply be being able to create and manipulate arbitrary referents without a corresponding object.

You would also enjoy Daniel Dennett's works on the Mary the Color Scientist thought experiment. Explaining a particular color to a person who has never seen it is a problem that language can't solve. Color is a property of perception alone and the same problem exists for flavors, smells, and other sensations of all kinds. Sentience occurs before language in our mental processes. This problem hypothetically may not exist for another species capable of language, but we don't have a way to receive nerve signals through language in the same way that we receive brainwaves.

Better is a comparative. Best is a superlative and, in the sense Omprak means with best phenomenon, requires an ability to think of something as an absolute. Animals do not appear to have this ability, because they do not appear to have the ability to organize, subdivide, and manipulate their thoughts into a list. They can understand better than anything else on hand, but not best period. They don't have the words.

Mar 22, 17 / Ari 25, 01 15:38 UTC

Crows and ravins. They have sutch complex vocalizations that they can describe an individual, human or another animal, in such detail that other crows will recognise them. When they end up in other parts of the world they cannot communicate because the local birds dont speak the same language. It takes only 500 diferent sounds or words to make a compleat, but minimalist, language. Oh and cats can make well over 1000