Feb 10, 18 / Pis 13, 02 10:05 UTC

Non-Duality System of Thought  

Non-Duality is the synthesizing of opposites into one coherent understanding that allows the individual to transcend the notion of self by revealing the illusionary nature of reality. It is of great importance to bear witness to our history. Throughout known history we can identify the seeds of conflict originating in a dualistic paradigm. We've become accustomed to view reality as black or white, good or bad, right or wrong and true or false. Yet this system hasn't lived up to our desired ambitions, but instead has been the source of great pain and suffering.

Where there is duality, there is friction. We can see this in all levels of life on this beautiful planet. War is a physical manifestation of this friction. War is a result of conflicting ideas operating under the modality of scarcity. Ideas come into confrontation because of our mentality of lack. We believe only one idea can be 'true' and that there isn't space for any others. Yet there is space for others if we come to believe there is. When we incorporate a mentality of abundance we see that all ideas have space in this reality. They don't compete with one another, but instead work towards a unifying common goal. What is black is white and what is white is black.

Think of the Yin/Yang symbol ☯; it embodies the idea of nonduality in a beautifully simple but complex symbol.

That is what we Asgardians should strive for; because that is the inevitable destiny for humanity. To become one with all that is we must seek the oneness in the way we perceive our reality. That is what I strive to create during this momentous time we all live in. Empowerment begins when we embrace the friction instead of resisting it. Friction is a opportunity for growth. There is a tremendous amount of friction upon this planet awaiting for us Asgardians to utilize as a life altering catalyst that will catapult us all into a Golden Age.

My question to you is do you believe non-duality has a place in Asgardia? If so please share your thoughts and opinions on this subject. Many blessings to you all and have yourself a wonderful day.


Aug 7, 18 / Vir 23, 02 20:57 UTC

This is assuming that wars are based on duality and I have to disagree. Wars are never dual in nature, they are always so simple or so complex in nature. There are more factors than simple "Duality" that eventually creates friction.

Jun 4, 19 / Can 15, 03 01:26 UTC

Yin/Yang is actually the very embodiment of duality in motion and harmony.

It shows the inescapable duality of life working together in unison, not pushing or pulling in different directions.

Yin/Yang shows how both working together make a functional whole.

Positive and Negative
Dark and Light
Life and Death
Create and Destroy
These are Universal at every level, because even if something does not start with a binary/duality it will gain it once in motion.

Living is itself a duality. We must kill or destroy so we can live, be this food or resources for making things.
(note that kill or destroy relates to all levels, be it grinding a mountain to dust for building, or killing plants to eat).
Even without sentient life, the duality is there inherently as the landscapes erode and new islands burst from volcanoes, etc.

To escape the duality of the Universe you will have to escape the Universe to a place of stasis and non-movement.