Jul 23, 17 / Vir 08, 01 04:34 UTC


Which philosophical concepts do you find to be most important or thought provoking? I've been wondering how the citizens of Asgardia are in the field of Philosophy.

Jul 23, 17 / Vir 08, 01 05:01 UTC

I have an avid interest in philosophy in general. Lately I have been researching Diogenes of Sinope for a series of work I’m creating which references the philosophy of the Cynics.  

Jul 23, 17 / Vir 08, 01 22:53 UTC

That is very interesting. I would very much like to look into your work on cynics. I tend to focus on the philosophy of stoicism, metaphysics, Epistemology, Ethics, Political Philosophy and Aesthetics. Those are actually most of the branches but I do enjoy the ideas and concept that can be made up/created with these philosophies. I'm glad to hear that you're interested in this topic. In my opinion more people should get into that thought process.

Jul 24, 17 / Vir 09, 01 02:16 UTC


Hmm, Stoicism might be an interesting idea to add to my current work.  I create maps which use real and imagined geography to facilitate ideas visually, probably won’t have those works ready for a while but I’ll keep you posted :). I’m hopeful the study of philosophy might be a more important aspect of Asgardia than it is in our current context. Nice to meet you, I enjoy reading your contributions to the conversations. 

Jul 25, 17 / Vir 10, 01 05:15 UTC

Hi Sheppard

Would you kindly care to expand a bit on your personal philosophy. Why you choose those, which projects your own personal paradigm.

I invite you to my weekly blog: https://asgardia.space/en/blog/13745-forget-mostly-harmless-tanstaafl-tinstaafl-and-tnstaaflnbspmake-excellence-a-habit-expect-only-the-exceptional/



Sep 20, 17 / Sco 11, 01 07:27 UTC

I need to remind you all the Philosophy lovers that ATSN Think Tank would need you. Let's take aim at that.

Sep 20, 17 / Sco 11, 01 07:30 UTC

I found that this form is quiet , while I had expected to learn from you, from Plato to Fredrich Niezstche , from Lao  Zi  to Confusious.