Hey Alex, thanks for your post. I'm sorry to not be able to understand everything you stated... Like you, English is not my mother tongue and I know our current situation as a widely spread community, communication will be hindered by our language and culture differences. And I already feel frustrated here, reading your message and knowing that it addresses some very important subject that I cannot unfortunately comprehend...

There is a point, however, that you mentioned that led me to want to write a reply.
It is about what I understand you mentioned about the jurisdiction of the satellite Asgardia-1 which, as it was sent by a US company depends entirely from the US privacy laws. Now, we know this satellite will not be the only one. When Asgardia-2, Asgardia-3 and Asgardia-4 will be launched, together, they will be forming a network of satellites, possibly exchanging data with each other. Now, what if Asgardia-2 was to be sent from the European launching site (Kourou) and through the Arianespace European company? And Asgardia-3 launched from India, through an Indian company? Asgardia-4 launched from China, through a Chinese company?

That would truly make these intercommunicating satellites a nightmare for lawmakers on Earth if there is any responsibility to be drawn to the data privacy laws! And that would be a way to show that Asgardia is not bound to one country but interconnected with all countries (as our population is).

Maybe just an idea?