Dec 8, 17 / Cap 06, 01 09:28 UTC


On the eve of the first parliamentary elections of candidates for the Parliament of Asgardia, they still have time to think a little and choose those who will have a big and difficult work connected not only with the economy, but also with culture. An important aspect of the work of future parliamentarians will necessarily be understanding. In order to create Asgardia you will need, including your own legal system, I'm not afraid to say the cosmic level as the top in the hierarchy of right systems including the space law on planet Earth. To the question And why is Asgardia Right? The answer will be simple - the life of the space society also contains the laws and regulations of its regulatory and so far it has not been canceled even in the near future of Asgardia.

These rules and laws governing relations in Asgardia and the planet Earth will have to be built by all those who have expressed a desire to become a parliamentarian, remembering that the state and the nation - Space Kingdom of Asgardia, created by them (including them) in space are considered by the founders , as free from existing countries!

No one has set such tasks before parliamentarians in the history of mankind on the planet Earth. The task is ambitious, complex and beautiful in its design. The history of planet Earth knew many examples of the construction of legal systems on the way to freedom and independence of different states in space and time. But very few know examples of their construction at the level of the super-system of the planet Earth, that is, in space and outer space. Without a doubt, the storming of legal systems from antiquity to the present, in order to get to the top in the evolution of the development of legal systems, will require the forces of those who still want to get a job in the parliament. They will have to find the strength and patience to understand and understand the intricacies (at least) in legal systems: common law (the Anglo-Saxon legal family), in the legal system of continental law (Romano-German legal family) and in traditional religious legal systems, right formed by the beginning of the emergence of Space Kingdom of Asgardia (SKA) on October 12, 2016. Part of the answers for parliamentarians will lie in the evolution of legal systems and space law, which are largely outdated or simply stopped in their development as legal institutions on the planet Earth. The parliamentarians will face the task of building their own legal system of Asgardia. In the first approximation, it could be defined as follows. The legal system of Asgardia - a system of the cosmic level that are connected with the systems of law, integrated all the legislative systems in Asgardia, without exception, including the best of the legal culture and practices of legalization with the use of artificial intelligence achieved on planet Earth.

What is the novelty and complexity of this legal system - the cosmic level and goals set by Asgardia, one of which is FREEDOM from existing countries. I do not presume to state and reflect on the degree of this freedom, only I will note that it will have to deal with unprecedented scale and set of norms of the rights of positive law and its principles, legal conscience, interrelated among themselves legal phenomena taken in time and on the scale of more than 193 countries of the world, set of sources of law and people's activities.

That's why the future parliamentarians will have to choose the degree of Freedom or Not for Life (SKA)

That the above is not a fantasy, and "freedom" and "legal system" was not an empty word, we are already standing today and waiting for the lawyers of the practitioners and theorists of Asgardia to respond to possible legal and ethical problems that may potentially arise due to the storage of private data on the first satellite of Asgardia-1, actually a server with data. It will not be a discovery for you and that it falls under US jurisdiction, as it is launched by US companies, and accordingly the data stored on the satellite are subject to US privacy laws.

This small example shows how special services and countries of the planet Earth can be involved in the fight against piracy in outer space and in the information space of Asgardia's interests.

Who should decide this? The answer is simple - among others, those who will be elected to the parliament of Asgardia. Asgardian and the Creators of the nation will entrust their voices to you to make Asgardia free from existing countries, but without violating the legal systems of the Earth, having built the legal system of the Asgardia of the cosmic level! A new stage in the evolution of the law of the Earth is the conclusion of it on the cosmic level and this will have to be done by ALL of us!

That's why we ALL owe everyone, but are obliged to build the legal system of the Asgardia of the cosmic level, which will make it FREE. Think All about it.

Dec 10, 17 / Cap 08, 01 01:05 UTC

Hey Alex, thanks for your post. I'm sorry to not be able to understand everything you stated... Like you, English is not my mother tongue and I know our current situation as a widely spread community, communication will be hindered by our language and culture differences. And I already feel frustrated here, reading your message and knowing that it addresses some very important subject that I cannot unfortunately comprehend...

There is a point, however, that you mentioned that led me to want to write a reply.
It is about what I understand you mentioned about the jurisdiction of the satellite Asgardia-1 which, as it was sent by a US company depends entirely from the US privacy laws. Now, we know this satellite will not be the only one. When Asgardia-2, Asgardia-3 and Asgardia-4 will be launched, together, they will be forming a network of satellites, possibly exchanging data with each other. Now, what if Asgardia-2 was to be sent from the European launching site (Kourou) and through the Arianespace European company? And Asgardia-3 launched from India, through an Indian company? Asgardia-4 launched from China, through a Chinese company?

That would truly make these intercommunicating satellites a nightmare for lawmakers on Earth if there is any responsibility to be drawn to the data privacy laws! And that would be a way to show that Asgardia is not bound to one country but interconnected with all countries (as our population is).

Maybe just an idea?