Dec 31, 17 / Cap 29, 01 05:45 UTC

Re: Transreligious Asgardia.  

This would be a dead on arrival subject. People would simply just chose to not be asgardian and there the dream would die . God/gods first country next

Jan 22, 18 / Aqu 22, 02 21:28 UTC

Oh dear, i promised myself to not touch this subject since it can raise such fierce emotions with some people, but here i do nevertheless.

A trans-religious Asgardia might be a goal to strive to but personally I would call for a union on what we are, humans. An acceptance of humanism values seems to me the basic prerequisite to make it work. Some religions have defacto already taken over humanist values like some Christian denominations but other religions, like Islam, seem to fundamentally reject it. I'd rather share a room with someone who, guided by their own moral compass, doesn't want to kill or rape me than to share a room with someone who only doesn't do it because his/her religion tells him not to. The same for other lesser things like stealing, meddling with other peoples lives etc.

As an `new` atheist myself with a strict christian upbringing I know both sides. We all search for meaning of our lives, for explanation of the world around us. That brings me on a difficult point, a contradiction even, between us as Asgardians relying on science and the scientific method for building our dream space nation but at the same time unwilling to overcome our big divider called religion. Religions that were created long time ago in the brons-age or before. Concepts as a honoring a `seventh day' rest where a day is not defined, praying in the direction to Mecca, where-ever direction that may be, are all meaningless in a space civilization just like lots of other 2D concepts of a flat earth world view. referenced in whatever scripture defined holy.

For me, religions are impossible to keep since they lost meaning since the concept of a soul is proven to be having the same qualities as it has when its not existent. For a detailed defence of this position read f.e. the excellent book by Julien Musolino, 'The Soul fallacy' in which he delves deep into it. Without a soul, having a finite life, gives meaning and compassion to ones life. Concepts as `sin', redemption etc lose their meaning.

Any feedback would be most welcome.