Mar 13, 17 / Ari 16, 01 11:58 UTC

What is the subject matter of philosophy?  

Philosophy is a important subject to society. Each subject has it's subject matter. I want to know the subject matter of philosophy. I request to asgardians who studied deeply the subject to share the ideas concern.

Mar 13, 17 / Ari 16, 01 12:21 UTC

The "subject matter" of philosophy is the science and study of thinking, the understanding of wisdom and reason.

If wanting to study philosophy, you might like to start with pooh bear, then I'd suggest the transcripts from the parthenon. By about here you should be pretty comfortable with the ways your own thoughts are leaning and could gain some additional interesting perspectives from Descartes, Locke, Neitzsche, Hobbs, Marx, Confusious, Bruce Lee, and many more

Mar 13, 17 / Ari 16, 01 14:17 UTC

EyeR sir, Thanks, I have understood ,Wisdom and Reason ,Thinking of science and study.