May 10, 17 / Gem 18, 01 19:07 UTC

Двигатель Гравитационного Коллапса  

Можно ли создать двигатель гравитационного коллапса по теории физики? Если нет. То можете объяснить почему? 

**Mod Edit** English Translation - Is it possible to create an engine of the gravitational collapse of the theory of physics? If not. That can explain why?
Zahira, 10/05/2017, 20:49 UTC

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May 23, 17 / Can 03, 01 18:14 UTC

Tebenkov, I could recommend you to read my articles about physics of antigravitation. They are written in Russisch: "Антигравитация, левитация, телекинез" and "Механизм движения НЛО и НПО". Unfortunatelly, other peoples will be unable to read these articles without knowledge of Russisch.

Jun 28, 18 / Leo 11, 02 10:21 UTC

PROKHOROV, You were published or it's just a pseudoscientific reflections?

Aug 2, 18 / Vir 18, 02 15:03 UTC

NorbertSan, 7 or 10 years ago we (I and my Partner) have made an unit that generated the flowes of some invisible substance. I think, this substance is physical vacuum or ether after Mikelson and Morley. This flow penetrated into hermetically sealed retort and revolved the small light turbine. We were unable to publish our results in akademik press as our results are contrary to the akademik standpoints. Therefore, we published our results in Internet only.

In several years American and Chinese scientists had read our articles and repeated our Experiments. They called theirs unit "Em-Drive". The Em-Drive had some distinktion from our unit: the outlet opening was closed by plate. And this especiallity results the propulsion: the vacuum flow interects with gravitational field of plate and draws the plate, whereas the plate draws the unit. Such technology is used in all IFOs, I believe.