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Re: Solid rocket propellant  

Calculate with the help of potential energy. The potential energy of satellite at surface of planet is calculated as E1 = GMm / R, the potential energy of the satellite at the height H is E2 = GMm / (R+H). Difference E1 - E2 gives the quantity of energy that we need for ideal case 100% effectivity. In real case, the effectivity of solid propellant is less than 1%. You can use magnitude 0.5%. Consequently, the Expand of energy will be equaled to (E1 - E2) / 0.005. Mass of propellant is (E1 - E2) / 0.005 / Q, where Q is the heat of combustion of propellant.

Jan 2, 17 / Aqu 02, 01 12:58 UTC

You would need to consider air resistence, though, as that will take fuel to compensate for. If that 10KG's is a 3 meter square flat sheet it'll take a lot more fuel than if it was a meter high cone with a meter wide base.

You would also need to consider the weight of the fuel, the launch systems overall. Many other things also.

For something small, like a 10KG satellite, it'd be cheaper to hitch that into unused space in someone else's launch.

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The first stage of launching a rocket in the future as I have heard is to plant it onto an airplane and bring it up to a higher altitude in which the plane would release the ship while launching it into space. Another good way to move a spaceship is by using electromagnetic propulsion using spinning magnetic disks inside of a metal sphere. This propulsion pushes upward on itself and may help to keep a ship elevated. With that if the ship is not able to move itself any further, even with the addition of more power to the system then a jet propulsion system could be added to the electromagnetic system as well. Who here believes that this idea has potential for future space ships?

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I have a better idea, we can build a magnetic track to launch supplies and so on

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