Aqu 20, 01 / Jan 20, 17 06:00 UTC

A Nation Truly Without Borders...  

Asgardia would be the first Nation to ever be organized and exist solely (even if temporarily) via the Internet. Not only a Space Nation, but a Digital Space Nation. Thoughts?

Aqu 26, 01 / Jan 26, 17 21:26 UTC

Technically that's what we are, and more than likely will remain this way for a while...

Pis 05, 01 / Feb 2, 17 23:37 UTC

This question may raise some eyebrows; however, I believe it is one we must ask. When we say, "Asgardia is a nation without borders", are we pertaining only to borders on planet Earth, and/or borders within our human understanding of existence in our universal plane? I ask this question because humanity have experienced, (within the highest echelons of military, aerospace and aeronautical professionals, and intelligence communities), on an international level, contact with other intelligent nonhuman beings not of our universe or planet as we know it.

    If Asgardia is truly to be a nation "without" borders", then Asgardia will also welcome those peoples of other universes, planets without prejudice, and/or discrimination. 

  One of my main concerns is that we may be forming a nation who views outsiders from other planets or dimensions as a threat simply because they are different. So far there is no clear evidence that these other beings and/or peoples have demonstrated any threat to humanity. There are vast cases of contact with military from nations around our world. They rarely have attacked; but rather have retreated in most cases, when attacked.

Pis 06, 01 / Feb 3, 17 00:50 UTC

In fact it is in our genes, we are born without borders.

Like me, i live somewhat in the north and it is in peoples
genes to travel to warm places in the winter. Like lots of
birds do, actually i would like to follow these birds but i
am stuck in my country. It must be great to travel where
ever you and your body wants to go. Here on the internet
we have a little bit of mind traveling but our body's are still
stuck in our rooms behind our computers.

Grtz, Dirk.

Pis 07, 01 / Feb 4, 17 04:02 UTC

At first I thought this is a joke, or it could be an experiment. Since people have gathered together from different nations, it is interesting to observe how they work together to build a cyber-nation. (This could be my proposal plan for PhD haha) Regardless of the ideas above, it is true while traditional nation-based politics and culture are challenged by globalisation, this new form of "nation" built in cyberspace so far might be a future trend for people to participate into global affairs. On one hand, we can copy what we already have such as country, nationality and race into this cyberspace and manage affairs as always, on the other hand, we might bring up many new things, for example, how do we deal with our dual identity, especially when they go against with each other under different laws, cultures or worldviews. Worth thinking...

Pis 07, 01 / Feb 4, 17 07:37 UTC

Hello weihua,

I think it will be no problem for the modern human. We have already different
sorts of lives. We have our work-live, social-live and home-live. If we would
add an Asgardia-live to that it would be no problem for now. Like you say it
is mostly an online live with a mixture of what we do for Asgardia. It is for me
a sort of mixture of online communicating and some (online) volunteer work.

Grtz, Dirk.

Pis 21, 01 / Feb 18, 17 19:02 UTC

A nation without borders is not a nation at all, with all due respect.

Pis 23, 01 / Feb 20, 17 19:57 UTC

The phrase "A Nation without Borders" is naught more than a catchphrase; something to get a conversation started and has no real meaning on its own.

I believe the intent is to describe people working together without the limitations of geo-politics, geography, and perhaps (eventually) language.

Tau 02, 01 / Mar 27, 17 20:05 UTC

Eesti (Estonia) is starting to allow residency without residence of Eesti. They call it e-residency.

Leo 03, 01 / Jun 20, 17 11:44 UTC

As a strong believer in the Asgardian nation, I would like to run for parliament to insure that the constitutional section outlining the right to ones individualism through freedom of speech is upheld in all decision making processes. I believe in protecting these rights and protecting the constitution on this matter. However I also have some constitutional concerns with the power that the leader processes. To dismiss elected parliamentary representatives based on self interpretation of the constitution may cause issues, and thus as a candidate I advocate de-centralisation of governmental powers to all individuals. Whilst standing for a strong administrative government that does not infringe upon individual liberty's. So that our liberty a beautiful value from the past may be carried into this next and exciting age. 

Vote 1: MJ Rutherford, Vigilance Party!

Aqu 14, 02 / Jan 14, 18 19:38 UTC

If a nation has no boarders then why the need of a passport? Further more that would mean that there are no other nations because if you  cross the us boarder you have left asgardia. As I'm sure the United States doesn't view itself as a territory of asgardia