Apr 16, 18 / Tau 22, 02 11:43 UTC

Asgardian Language Creation  

Hello Asgardians. I support the creation of a distinct Asgardian language from scratch. There are several reasons for this.

First, I think picking a single existing language for an official Asgardian language will make us look as if we're picking sides in current (or future) rivalry between groups/alliances/blocks of earthly nations. I think we should avoid this at all cost.

The second, equally important reason is because I believe that creating an separate, unique language for Asgardia will boost it's prestige, and with that it's influence around the world. And I mean this in the best way possible. We want Asgardia to be on the bleeding edge in every way possible, setting an example for the rest of humanity to aspire to. If we succeed in this then having a unique Asgardian language for humans to learn will help spread that culture of peace and prosperity we want to create and spread. In other worlds, having our own unique language will be a very powerful tool that will help us make Asgardia a cultural superpower. Just think about how powerful it will be if the children of tomorrow to want to learn Asgardian because they think it is cool, of course because they think Asgardia is cool.

And the third reason I think is very obvious: having a distinct Asgardian language will make communication easier. Of course not in the short term, but in the medium and long term yes. Right now we have people from around the world and a lot of us speak Englihs, but many do not. It would be much easier in the future if a person that is a new Asgardian is given free lessons in the Asgardian language. It would take a short period to train this person to communicate in basic Asgardian, and maybe a few years to become fluent. But this would ensure that all Asgardians can communicate with each other without any issues. It would be also important for smooth communication (and no need for translators) in government bodies, as well as technical crews (imagine a crew of people that are supposed to do some repair work on a space station and all of them speak different languages...).

Those are the reasons why I think an Asgardian language should be created. As for how easy this would be to do, please check the video below. It is an interview with Britton Watkins, the guy that is making THREE new languages for the game Star Citizen that is currently in production. If Asgardia hires this guy, someone like him, or most likely a relatively small team of people like him, I think in a few short years we could have our Asgardian language ready for use.


Jul 3, 18 / Leo 16, 02 08:58 UTC

While I applaud the quest for innovation, I fear that the creation of a new language might be a step too far. In this, we can learn from earlier attempts like Esperanto, or if I project this on my professional career: standards in digital communication.

There are a number of projects over the years that have tried to make one standard way of doing things. Unfortunately, what has mostly been happening is that the one new way that was poised to unite all 500 old ways, ends up being way number 501.

So as far as the choosing of a way to communicate goes, my suggestion is to choose the most common language and go from there. As this very forum demonstrates, English is the lingua franca at the moment. 

Until we have functional babelfish, this would be the best way to move forward.

Jul 9, 18 / Leo 22, 02 00:45 UTC

I've always thought a language modeled after sounds inherent meaning and oriented prepositionally around united victory and ethical standing is a good idea. That way any degree of criminality will come through connotatively in the dialect as will their respective emphasis on opportunities for mutual success. That will allow us to address to major concerns inherently before disecting the rest of the message.