Should an Asgardian language be developed?

Total votes: 69

50.7% Yes

49.3% No

Cap 22, 00 / Dec 23, 16 16:31 UTC

Asgardian Language | La Langue Asgardian | Idioma Asgardian | 阿尔及利亚语 | Асгарда язык | Asgardian språk  

I think we desperately need some sort of space and/or "light language" in order for crew members to communicate among themselves despite the Earth language| differences. Should we develop one? If so, what should it be?

Cap 22, 00 / Dec 23, 16 19:27 UTC


I think it is a good idea , but to create a new language out of thin air and to speak the language could be hard and this will take a long time in order to make.

also will it be more a language where you use your emotions to use speak (like Chinese, if I am still not mistaken some things means not the same if you yell or simply speak), or rather a language that is eays to speak (simple conjugations without being emotion sensitive)? sorry for my english its not my first language

Thanks, Jordy

Cap 22, 00 / Dec 23, 16 23:44 UTC

An Asgardian language is a good idea for the purpose of cross cultural communication. However, if we are going to create an Asgardian language it will need to be one with an ability to "translate" into all Terran languages. I believe the easiest way to do that is to write a language which gives the "speaker" the ability to communicate both abstract concepts like emotions and feelings as well as technical concepts of math, science, and engineering as simply and as accurately as possible. It will be no easy feat. If a committee of linguists currently with Asgardian citizenship would like to step forward and provide their talents to this endeavor, we'd make a stronger case on the world stage for affirming our existence as a nation. One step closer to Asgardian Sovereignty.

Cap 23, 00 / Dec 24, 16 22:18 UTC

If I might suggest adopting Lojban as a language for the future, it currently has a small base of speakers already. It is a language created specifically for ease-of-use, whether the speaker is trying to communicate powerful emotions or complex mathematical or spiritual concepts, and has no national affilliatiion.

Cap 23, 00 / Dec 24, 16 22:18 UTC

more info to be found here:

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Cap 24, 00 / Dec 25, 16 03:53 UTC

Lojban sounds like a fascinating language, and it could work as a temporary language, but I think it's important to have our own language and our own culture. If Asgardia is going to be a civilization--not just a corporation, or a science experiment in astrophysics, or a floating ship in space--then a distinct and independent language is an important component of that.

I agree that the Asgardian language needs to be easy to use, but I would also stress that it should be easy to translate and fairly easy to learn as well. It wouldn't need to be an incredibly expressive language, but I'd imagine that expressive words and phrases would eventually make their way into the Asgardian lexicon.

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Cap 24, 00 / Dec 25, 16 23:31 UTC

If I may interject here. English has become an international standard of communication already and is spoken by almost everyone as either a first or second language even if their nation does not list it as the official language. English is also extremely important in scientific and technical circles due to its large vocabulary and rich descriptive language in respect to those areas.

If a nation in space is to exist then it will depend a lot on this sort of already existent vocabulary. Especially since it is the international standard for science and research. So maybe instead of reinventing the wheel we use English instead?

Cap 25, 00 / Dec 26, 16 07:27 UTC

Hey, there, there is a language mistake in title. The correct spelling of Chinese should be 阿斯加尔汀语 not 阿尔及利亚语, 阿尔及利亚 means Algeria, it is a country in Africa.

Cap 25, 00 / Dec 26, 16 18:19 UTC

I believe such a language will organically develop and we should encourage it. Something like languages spoken by sailors.

Cap 25, 00 / Dec 26, 16 18:31 UTC

Yes, I am the same opinion, as @Mr. Dusk As a hopefully soon big nation, English as an mainly understandable communication language, should be the first priority

As he stated, nearly all of the community shared projects (no mater if scientific based, biological science, or just even live easiening projects) where and will be published in english on earth (except on some parts of the asian regions - but also mostly because of the easier understandings from their own citizens)

It would make barely sense, using and sharing our discoveries in an "for earth citizen foreign language" .

I absolutely see the reason and idea behind this one, but if we would actually develop an own language, it should be our "2nd" language.

It may be luck, finding someone who has heard/read much about "Arka" or the "Kaldian Language" It is a conlang/natural artlang, developed 1991 in Japan, combining various similarities from Japanese, German, English, French, Finnish, Norwegian and Korean

I have taken a look on it, and I liked it, and had to mentioned it, because it shows a pretty overthinked (for me at least) idea, of how a langauge can look like. Sure it has some flaws here and there, and is hard to learn for persons with a different main languages then Japanese ~ and as a person who learned the Japanese one and still is learning the big Chinese alphabet, has taken a look on how easy it is to actually learn the Korean one, grown up with the Cyril aphabet and also had to learn the German one ^ ^"

I would really prefer most of the points, Arka gives, in creating an unified language.

But my post is getting a little to big, so i'll try shorten things down. What my intentions actally was, is if we decide to create a new language from scratch (and use it to break most of our language barriers down) ~ it still should be not our main communication langauge - But more one, to communicate privatly or for places outside of the earth (last one including also just for respect manners - so people still can understand us)

So, yes ~ I will support this idea, and vote with "YES" But it needs to be really good overthinken and planed - what actually our goal is, with this new language :)

Cap 27, 00 / Dec 28, 16 23:06 UTC

We asgardians say we see everyone as earthlings there is no discrimination. Why we want to seperate ourselves by creating a language ? A second language may develop in time but we should not lose contact with earth and use English since many scientific source is written in English it would make the understanding of information easier. A language and a culture can not be created over a night. First it requires a community that lives together. With time culture and if needed a language will be developed.

Cap 28, 00 / Dec 29, 16 01:50 UTC

Olympus696 What You have listed - can tell virtually any medium any (or almost any) language. It makes no sense to give preference to any "living" language. Such an attempt will not lead to the development of the language, but to its degradation, simplification, low-english. To create a language from scratch - also a bad idea - You're right, it takes time and culture. Easier and safer to use as the basis for an artificial language like Esperanto or Lojban. I think that Esperanto is more human than Lojban. I apologize for my bad English

Cap 28, 00 / Dec 29, 16 16:31 UTC

It is a good idea, but we do not need start from zero, we can compile the best points from different languages like Esperanto, for example on the phonetic way has the same sound by combinations of two characters the idea is don't have phonetic variations with has a character before or after that two characters, and has a simple convention to have the conjugation without irregular words under that language and we need a short alphabet, because if the word has a easy phonetic with short rules are easy to read and easy to speak and olso write and if the grammar rules are short and do not have irregular rules the person with know the word can deduce the use.

Cap 30, 00 / Dec 31, 16 13:45 UTC

It is a great and bold idea to "create" a new language.

As it's been pointed out, it will be long and hard journey to do so.

Ideally, we would have our "own" language, or we could use presets like Esperanto or Lojban, and still we need to contain some original languages like English, French, Spanish, Hindi and Mandarin for example.

And there's major problem with created cultures and languages, they haven't worked so far.

Cap 30, 00 / Dec 31, 16 13:45 UTC

It is a great and bold idea to "create" a new language.

As it's been pointed out, it will be long and hard journey to do so.

Ideally, we would have our "own" language, or we could use presets like Esperanto or Lojban, and still we need to contain some original languages like English, French, Spanish, Hindi and Mandarin for example.

And there's major problem with created cultures and languages, they haven't worked so far.