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Re: Asgardian Language | La Langue Asgardian | Idioma Asgardian | 阿尔及利亚语 | Асгарда язык | Asgardian språk  

@nihylum de
That's exactly why I didn't suggest to create a new language by our own but to use a third party, yet created, one (like Esperanto, but it's not the only one).
I did a (very) little study about english language in the past and, just to say, it's based on 650-700.000 terms, while italian is based on 2.500.000 terms, to say you're right about the

Another thing is which impacts languages do have. The efficiency and complexity of a language define also the way we think. If a language isn't totally based on relativization, your thoughts wouldn't be too. If a language isn't rooted to a limited set of expressions, you wouldn't able to express yourself more detailed, so misunderstandings wouldn't even possible.

(my little study was a comparation about english and italian only: I didn't took in count other ones, like german etc.)

But is it enough to say "we should adopt italian as, having way more terms than english, is much more flexible and can far better express our feelings"? I think not, as I don't wish to find myself advantaged, in speaking, over other asgardians. It wouldn't be fair in any way at all.
But, at the same time, I even don't like to find myself disadvantaged too (I had to argue, in the past, some times and for some hours with a native english speaking one... and it totally destroyed me, to be honest, so I bet you can see that I know what I say ;-)).

Usually, speaking with a stranger into Europe (austrian, german, dutch), I felt myself confortable, as both us was using english and, as it wasn't our motherlanguage (so we can call it "third party language") we took great care into understanding each other. That is not true when I speak with english motherlanguage ones, as they only feel confortable and usually don't care I'm not (take in count, please, I'm a programmer also and I use only english in my programs, related comments, and documentation).
That even not taking in count the ones which, like french people, have something (historically) against english.

I bet we should really to start thinking we are asgardians, not english, or americans, or french, or italians, and choose our official language accordingly.

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Esperanto estas malfacila por parolantoj de ne-hindeŭropaj lingvoj lerni. Esperanto is a difficult for non-Indo-European language speakers to learn.

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Actually Esperanto Is extremely easy to learn

Gem 25, 01 / May 17, 17 21:36 UTC

Expecting everyone to learn English is unintentionally arrogant. A lot of Chinese and Arabic people will be joining us, and why should they put all that effort into learning our language while we sit on our butts? English also has it's flaws, and I'm all for us chipping in and learning an efficient 2nd language to bridge the gaps between us all. Esperanto and Lojban are very interesting languages, and I want to explore them more. It's not like you'd even be forced to speak this second language all the time. It's just something that would bridge a gap between all of us.

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Pyash is a software language based on human grammar and vocabulary.

Lojban is not meant to be an international language, it is not based on human grammar, so it is very difficult for a human to learn.

Esperanto was meant to be an international language, however it is difficult to use for machine translation because it is difficult to parse and has a very limited official vocabulary.

Because Pyash is based on the fundamentals of human language it is easy to translate between controlled variations of all natural languages.  
The vocabulary is generated by taking the top 38,000 English words, and translating them into 48 of the most common human languages, then taking out all homophones, highly ambiguous words and over-borrowed words -- leaving an orthogonal set of about 8,000 words.  The words were then generated by weighing the phonemes of those languages, put into easy to pronounce monosyllable roots.

It is also important to note that the first real Asgardian will be a robot, or a satelite. Also robots will be building space colonies, and colonies on other planets long before any homo-sapiens arrive.   Those robots could be speaking Pyash, because Pyash is designed to be easily used by computers at the lowest levels, and it can also be parallelized, so it is easy to take advantage of with the latest hardware, such as GPU's.

"tlanfyat" is Asgard (god court)

"tlanfyatti klac" (c is "sh" sound) is Asgard's Country

mina tlanfyatti dzinka li (I am Asgard's resident.)

sana pyacka tyacli (you read language)

sana pyacgiti pyacka tyacpfihli (you are reading  Pyash named language)

nyahna ryopklentwih tcangrenpulwoh nrefbisi (we may reincarnate into robot colonies at other planets in future.

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Ne gerek var yahu yeni bir dile. Türkçe konuşalım. :)


What is needed is a new language. Speak Turkish

translated with Google Translator by soikiro

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It will be a good idea to have a own language for Asgurdians. 

 I ask every body to consider the SInhala Laguage (සිංහල භාෂාව) too when getting words and expressions when modelling Asgurdian.

Sinhala සිංහල a unique language spoken by almoost 20 million Sri Lankans.

Leo 02, 01 / Jun 19, 17 10:38 UTC

Greetings Asgardians!

I was thinking about this last night and came up with something... will be sharing it soon... :)


Leo 03, 01 / Jun 20, 17 13:54 UTC

Hi, just my thought and idea on all of this ... 

By creating Asgardia we have the chance to go in a different and unique way, unlike anything that has been done. Learn from humanity's history and extract only the best by clearly seeing and understanding the barriers and mistakes done before by our ancestors. Having said this, the language has always been the biggest barrier in the world. It has caused many wars and possibly many more to come. I believe that the world has plenty of languages already created and creating a whole new language from scratch as some fellow citizens proposed above would most definitely put just another barrier and another difficulty for our new society.
My personal opinion on this is that, as the situation currently stands, we should try and have as little barriers as possible both from a social point of view and from a technological point of view. For this reason we need a language which is already widely known by people, is easy to learn or is close to the majority of the languages which our citizens speak. Asgardia has to be an open society with an open mind, something that no nation has yet achieved yet.
Considering the above, our citizens speak 3 main groups of languages - Slavic (Russian, Polish, Eastern European in general), Latin (Spanish, English, German etc) and Mandarin (China).
Asgardia will be a nation of technology, development and the hub for human engineering and brilliant mind. We need to take this in account when considering which language to choose as official.
Bulgarian is my native language so this falls under the Slavic group, I also know Russian. The benefits of those language are that you have quite a lot of mechanical theory written in slavic and a big portion of today's electric engineering comes from Russia. However the majority of this literature is getting quite outdated and replaced by newer technologies. The big downside of this group is that it is harder to learn and pronounce to non-native speakers. This is one of the main reasons why Russian as a language did not do so well outside of Eastern Europe and didn't establish itself as a preferred language in countries like Thailand etc.
Mandarin is a great language however it is extremely extremely hard to learn and the logical implication of it technologically would be much harder as it has a lot of symbols and the syntax is so wide and hard to get your head around it.

Lastly, English, part of the Latin group. I think this is the most suitable language to have it as an official. It is the easiest to learn and is closer to a big variety of nationalities and most importantly it has huge technological implication. All programming languages work in English. The English syntax is used by every computer and every new technology. This will guarantee that our society will always be open to innovation and will speak in a way that everyone will support us and understand us. We will further be able to implement new tech much easier faster and more efficient. The benefits are many for me to list here. 

As a conclusion, there are many linguistic studies which are oriented towards the future of the languages of the Earth and pretty much all of them estimate that with the current speed of globalization, In as little as 200-500 years, the majority of the languages from a same group would be almost the same and within 1000 years the chances are that people will speak one language only. Just think about how many words you have in your language, no matter what it is, which are the same as in English and now consider that the majority of those words have came about mainly in the past 50 years (or less), way before the creation of the internet and social media.   

Choosing English only makes sense as this will be a symbol of unity in the world and choosing the efficient way instead of the traditional prideful way. I think we have to be different and make a difference by the way we think, act and operate, rather than the language we speak. This is just my opinion, there are many more things which I have missed and would like to add but I don't want to bore you too much :D 

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I think that a new language should be developed. It's important to increase your sense of belonging otherwise it's simpler speak with someone that use your same language incresing the risk of create "subnation".

The english is the most spoken language and may be the easist choice but in this way who has english as mother language will have advantages over others. With a new langauge all will be at same level 

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That's why, trying to "put together" all the things, advantages and disadvantages, some of us (e.g. into @LoreZyra Constitutional draft) proposed Unish, which is "third party" language, so "acceptable" even by non-anglophones, and close-to-English, so to be accepted by anglophone ones too.
At last, even anglophones can't expect we, non-anglophones, have to take all the burden on ourselves: all of us, if we have to be "all equal", have to put some effort.
To have a common language, into Asgardia, is a must: even if adopting "another language" can mean to raise "another (linguistic) barrier" towards world's nations, we need doing it, as we need to cull linguistic barriers among us.

I'm not saying we, 1st generation asgardians, will learn and speak Unish that easily but, at least, future generations will speak each other without having to use a translator: that, in a nation, is of top importance.
Avoiding to have to cope with "13 languages" (or 12) which, with time, can also change as per the population's growth, is important too: as an EU's citizen I'm seeing how the lack of a single "community language" is creating the biggest problems among us (we're 27 States with 22 languages... what a Babel!).

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Leo 06, 01 / Jun 23, 17 08:45 UTC

Unish seems to be a good choice but I read that lexical item has exceeded 9600, enough for everyday conversation. The problem is scientist knowledge (technical, medical etc).   Seems that there are not enough word at this moment so, if we choose it, we need to improve it. 

Leo 06, 01 / Jun 23, 17 20:54 UTC

Unish is improveable by definition. :-)
Scientists are still using latin words, sometimes.

Leo 06, 01 / Jun 23, 17 21:28 UTC


I am actually hoping that Asgardia will develop it's own language some day made up of all of the different languages of the community. Kind of like how English likes to rifle in the pockets of other languages and pick out the good ones. Or even how every day language is incorporating online terms and slang.

Leo 07, 01 / Jun 24, 17 18:22 UTC

I agree.
Maybe the Esperanto proposal was a little too much "european", but we must take in count the age when Esperanto born: Unish seems far more moden proposal, and far more digestible by anglophones even.