Jan 12, 17 18:20 UTC

Hispany Community  

Hello friends My name is Jose from Barcelona, Spain, I would like hispany community like a one people, if you add all spanish countries, we will be the first language in Asgardia Country, then we want to be the first community and the first languague.

Thanks Jose Gonzalez

Jan 12, 17 18:50 UTC

Hi Josema02,
I'm a little confused by your statement for a few reasons,

  1. Are you suggesting that Spanish should be the main language of the forum, and that all Spanish speakers should unite and force the issue?
  2. How is this related to The Policy and Scope of the Ministry of Science, to which this board is specifically devoted?

Some clarity on this would be appreciated?

Jan 20, 02 / Jan 20, 18 12:07 UTC

I do not agree with you. First of all, the Arabic language system is not very good at explaining things. He is too simplistic. We need a more complicated and efficient way of saying that language is more like Chinese