Jul 16, 18 / Vir 01, 02 20:12 UTC

Re:Citizenship Tax  

Same here, I was looking for informations about this citizenship tax.

It's not like I don't understand the reason why we need it (currently everything is paid by the head of states). However, I was surprised to discover this tax on a newspaper and to not have any notifications about this. 

Furthermore, will there be some exemptions of tax if a citizen can't pay? For my part, I'm still a student at university with limited revenue. If I have to pay the whole 100€ at once it would be quite hard on my finance. But I might be able to pay a monthly tax of 8.33€.

Finally, depending on the country, 100€ can be an enormous amount. Since Asgardia is accepting citizenship across the world of all professions, it needs to take into account that some people in some part of the world wouldn't be able to give this amount even on a monthly tax basis. So we need to ask a variable tax rate according to the country a citizen comes from. (This doesn't apply for me since I'm french)

Oct 5, 18 / Sco 26, 02 19:53 UTC

Yep, here in my country, 100 euro is like 1/2 of salary. And I am not joking. :/