Mar 24, 17 / Ari 27, 01 17:28 UTC

Re: Cash Free Society  

Because it costs more than you'll get out of it. If it didn't, someone would make it, because they would have a financial incentive to do so.

Also, a modular car that you replace big chunks of as improvements are developed is...not designing a car to last a hundred years. It's designing a car that is more expensive to throw away than to repair.

Mar 24, 17 / Ari 27, 01 17:38 UTC

You don't throw away big chunks, you recycle the single part that no longer is as capable as replacements. As opposed to the whole car, or have to heavily modify as the part you're fitting was never intended to go where you're sticking it.

The financial incentive is if you're not able to keep up with the competition's product, you're not making any sales. And competitors are already moving into this thinking.

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Mar 28, 17 / Tau 03, 01 04:05 UTC

Honestly money holds no place in my heart at all, if it benefitd us that should be a good motive alone, not money. We should reach generations to come money isn't a value, might need a value trade somewhere but money isn't important. Me personally want to make a money worth alot so when needed we can use it, but on asgardia we don't use it. No greed+ No selfishness= decent human being with no object obsession.

Mar 31, 17 / Tau 06, 01 13:59 UTC

A cryptocurency may solve many problems ,and for produce more currency if a system exist that with effort people doing,more currency produce .its help to grow asgardia and help for produce more currency.

Jun 16, 17 / Can 27, 01 18:46 UTC

Hollywood movie - In Time ( tried to imagine a world where currency is Time. Everyone has to work and they will get time to live. If one runs out of time he/she dies. The world depicted in the movie was not perfect, but with problems of it's own. 

Such a world is not hard to imagine and we can make it work if we think hard enough. 

Jun 19, 17 / Leo 02, 01 13:09 UTC

with experience of operating within a couple of barter systems, one of the standards that we tried to apply was an equivalent labour value. inequalities arise when individuals claim a higher level of expertise wanting commensurate ratings over other participants putting them at a disadvantage to their perceived value. ie labour rate of $100.00per hour because of years of training vs labour rate of $25.00hour because of lack of skills. Which creates an inherent imbalance in a system, and becomes a platform for perceived social inequality. With a basis of good intent, a system of equivalent labour value can and has worked in some bartering style systems, but we found that it is fraught with issues.(and yes, social conditioning was a barrier..) 


in a space oriented society, would you become yet another economy with its own level of international exchange rate or would the goods available to exchange to the planet below be selectively bestowed for the improvement of regions of humanity requiring uplift? Hopefully the exchange of some raw material requirements would allow impoverished planetary areas to gain equal footing in the trade competition for space manufactured benefits. I love the principles and ideals being extolled here, but working through the operational reality of exchanges, values and the devils in the details could do with some discussions so when the great project does get launched, there is hopefully a huge body of thought suggestions and projections available to allow for the selection of an evolving set of solutions as they arise and progress, as they inevitably will.


Jun 19, 17 / Leo 02, 01 22:06 UTC

Part of the current mindset that needs to be overcome, and can be with enough will, is consumption. No, we don't need the next new iPhone. Wants are conflated with needs, pushed on us by a marketing system to drive endless consumerism in a futile attempt to keep the economy propped up. The hunger is never quite sated, i.e. profit must always grow year over year, thus more consumption is prescribed.

As someone else previously stated, and as has been eluded to in other places on the forum, given the free time that comes with a freedom from wage slavery, people are free to explore and develop their true interests and talents. I am fond of furniture making, but don't have much time for it at the moment as the demands of working to survive dictate that I trade more of my hours for a wage than I can spend building furniture; furniture that I would be more than happy to see go to other people who like the look of what I create and would enjoy using it. And others would find their talents in creating other things that I may enjoy. But neither of us needs to make 10,000 of something a month, hoping to make even more the next year, so we could continue to spur imaginary growth.

The notion that the means of production, and the desire to produce, would disappear the second money disappeared is a fallacy. I venture there'd be even more innovation and creativity given the freedom from working to survive (wage slavery), and the notion of endless consumption (planned obsolescence).

Jul 4, 17 / Leo 17, 01 01:41 UTC

I don't think it's a good idea.

Cash-free society looks like a communist society, where everybody can do what they can and they can consume what they want. So, that means there is no motivation for they works (just imagine, they can consume what they don't deserve).

Nov 30, 17 / Sag 26, 01 17:56 UTC

This is called a Resource Based Economy. Here is my post on it:

Nov 30, 17 / Sag 26, 01 18:00 UTC

Motivation is not really going to be an issue. 

The primary driver will be education. An incredibly educated populace will never really rest. How many truly educated people do you know who just sit around and are not passionate about things.

The more you know about the world. The more questions you have. I am sure we all have things we are passionate about and pursue that we do not get paid for

"Deserving" is such a pejorative Capitalist thought.
How many people dying in Africa deserve to be dying?
How may people who are homeless and starving in your home countries "deserve" it?w

Dec 4, 17 / Cap 02, 01 07:22 UTC