Is currency name essential in Asgardia being independent nation?

Total number of votes: 8

62.5% Currency name is essential in Asgardia space nation

37.5% Crrency name is not essential in Asgardia space nation

Mar 10, 17 / Ari 13, 01 09:51 UTC

Independent Asgardia currency name as Dollar, Euro, Rupee etc.should be declared with cashless trasiction through asgardia banks.  

Asgardia is an independent nation so there should be it's own financial policy.It is necessary to declare it's own currency like Dollar, euro, ponds,Rupee, etc. It may be decided after election jun 2017, May the name of currency be searched out through general asgardians? if yes ,then suggest the name for financial support to asgardia government.

Mar 10, 17 / Ari 13, 01 13:24 UTC

I really don't have a strong opinion on the matter, but as I sat here and considered it an idea came into mind that I think all Asgardians can get behind.

Individual Monetary Coins (1 credit is equivalent of a USD penny in terms of denomination):
1: Credits
5: Pawns
10: Bishops
50: Knights
100: Rooks
500: Queens
1000: Kings

After that, the denomination is in a quantity of Kings, so (for example) an amount equal to 1 million monetary coins (credits) would be 1000 Kings.

Mar 10, 17 / Ari 13, 01 21:14 UTC

I've always been a fan of dozen and score currency systems. Going with the Asgardia theme, we could have 12 Heroes to a Valkyrie and 20 Valkyries to an Aesir.

Mar 15, 17 / Ari 18, 01 17:13 UTC

Just have one unit of currency and call them Credits, smaller amounts instead for example the UK Penny call them Bits, soon enough people will start using slang for multiples, don't get me started on Cockney slang for money, Ponies, Monkeys, and all that nonsense.

Mar 15, 17 / Ari 18, 01 17:32 UTC

Time ago I filed this proposal:
Feel free to add there or to comment here, obviously.

Mar 15, 17 / Ari 18, 01 20:30 UTC

How about the Asgardian Unit.

Mar 15, 17 / Ari 18, 01 20:33 UTC

"I'll show you MY Asgardian unit, if you know what I mean, ahyuk hyuk hyuk."

Mar 15, 17 / Ari 18, 01 21:05 UTC

The creation of our own currency holds no specific advantages that I'm aware of. It does carry some distinct disatvantages.

To actually do anything with it you're going to have to convert it into another currency, no-one anywhere will accept this - reducing the value of any given transaction concerning this currency.

Then you have the overheads involved with maintaining the currency, prevention of fruadulent currency entering circulation etc. This will rapidly exceed the value of the currency. If you're thinking cryptocurrency, then definitely the energy involved with processing the blockchain will cost more energy at residential rates - and in some cases, even business rates - than it "produces" or "confirms" money in a very short amount of time with any new currency and is past that point with several existing.

Jul 28, 17 / Vir 13, 01 11:14 UTC

Currency NAME  is essential in Asgardia space nation. It would be more than just Monetary matter, but also would be IDENTITY   among  Governments and the International biz. society .  Money or Currency is legal tender after all.

Jul 28, 17 / Vir 13, 01 12:33 UTC

What about reading the Constitutional draft, sometimes?
Asgardia's currency is defined there.

Nov 17, 17 / Sag 13, 01 19:28 UTC

Asgardia currency "SOLAR" has been declared . Asgardians will open their accounts in Asgardia bank . Authorities will declare the process to open accounts in Asgardia bank . I need my account in Asgardia national bank .