Feb 28, 17 / Ari 03, 01 09:31 UTC

Ideas for subjects?  

In my opinion there are many things can could be added to the education system. Maths and Science, and English are the basic compulsory subjects. Maybe there should be philosophy, history, economics, politics as compulsary subjects also? Maybe there could be something that teaches you on how to live a good life and teaches you kindness etc? What are your thoughts?

Feb 28, 17 / Ari 03, 01 13:58 UTC

Moality and ethics. This is the foundation of any civilised society, yet it amazes me how many people are completely incapable of behaving ethically.

Feb 28, 17 / Ari 03, 01 14:45 UTC

Ethics can be subjective. As a result, what one may find ethical another may not, due to cultural differences.

Perhaps we should define Ethics before we go deciding whether or not people are behaving ethically.

Feb 28, 17 / Ari 03, 01 15:08 UTC

Yes there is some cultural subjectivity with ethics. When I wote the post though I was thinking about unethical behaviour that crosses cultural lines: actions taken by an individual to benefit them to the detriment of the broader community.

Feb 28, 17 / Ari 03, 01 15:17 UTC

One of the wonderful things about newness is the fact that you get to help define things.

Get together with others, and define Ethics.

Apr 28, 17 / Gem 06, 01 20:28 UTC

Some choose able subject should be supported.I am a people who enthusiast many subject.

Apr 28, 17 / Gem 06, 01 20:29 UTC

The most important subject is astronomic 

Jun 13, 17 / Can 24, 01 03:36 UTC

Heres what I added under the education forum section, please add what you think. 


Jun 13, 17 / Can 24, 01 03:48 UTC

Personally I think perhaps creating or deciding to incorporate an existing educational model first would shed more light on what subjects might be taught. I favour the constructivist model where what is taught is centred around the learner’s interest and aptitude.