Jan 22, 17 / Aqu 22, 01 19:04 UTC

Re: Proposal: Committees  

Not specific enough,

Feb 21, 17 / Pis 24, 01 14:41 UTC

Seems like the first step is to figure out the vision and goals of the MYE. For example, are we trying to create a compulsory educational system for K-12 and a university or are we limiting our goals to adult education and youth organizations?

Feb 23, 17 / Pis 26, 01 16:37 UTC

Having a background in both education and youth work, this is a very difficult question, because we will be dealing with children of all ages, all backgrounds/cultures/languages. Do we want to divide them up? Do we want to pretend all of them are the same and must be able to do/perform the same way? What is the ultimate goal of education in Asgardia? Do we take this opportunity to re-think the whole system, the needs and wants of our society versus the needs and wants of our youth?

I would be inclined to go for the latter, but there is no ready-made answer. We would need several people with different background and foci, but with a similar goal in mind to work together.

May 17, 17 / Gem 25, 01 19:07 UTC

I agree with this topic, and I would like to add to this discussion, Does anyone have a structured program, that could be a base, and reference from we can start, one of the most important things here is that so far the main communication channel is through internet and some of you that probably have already met with someone.

So imagine a school where young people adult people go there to learn about himself, his skills, talents, purpose, and come back to that way is a right for the human being, feel free and make something with contribution for something bigger than him.

Imagine a place where you only take subjects that you really desire to take and learn, if you discover that is not your full desire you can change and keep looking that subject that will wake the greatness inside each person.

if we can be self-discipline and self-guided and if we respect others too, I think we can start with some proposal. according the science so far, human beings has to live a high interest into the topic, any of that, and according most people here are more than 18 years old. we can start to define the areas of education and find people who wants to participate, We think we must create people who wants to go to the school only to develop skills and talents, no more. there is no score or something. obvious there is a guide, The main going of our education can be "Prepare human beings in order to become in Full real and complete human beings" Where they develop this four main skill, mind ( knowledge/ perspective, psychics( health good condition) , heart (emotions), and spirit (sense of purpose)  ancestral cultures knew these skills, and you can, until we know of course. 

But also there are scientists who makes these validations.

Jun 24, 17 / Leo 07, 01 08:03 UTC

I would propose the following:

Duties of the Ministry of Youth and Education.

Programs which can be considered Youth or Education services or programs shall be governed by the Youth and Education Ministry. The Minister shall have the duties of researching, recommending programs and services which will prepare all children under the protection of the Constitution of Asgardia with the needed skills and abilities to take a productive role in Asgardian society.  Programs and Services recommended by the Minister shall be implemented with the approval of majority of the Parliament.  These would include but not be limited to: Early Education, Daycare, Preschool, Elementary, Junior and Senior High School, Youth Physical Education programs, All upper Educational or training programs, as well as Youth Welfare Services.

The definition of youth shall be recommended by the Minister and approved by a majority of Parliament.

Jun 24, 17 / Leo 07, 01 15:27 UTC

Great discussion!

I would like to point out to the threads participants the fact that Civic Asgardia is currently working on a proposal for an Asgardia MOOC (Massive Open Online Courses) in which we had opened to community feedback. You can find the thread here:


It was our hope to generate community interest in a full level opportunity for Asgardia members to participate on all levels of education through an online source curated and maintained by the Ministry of Education. We would welcome the feedback and involvement in this proposal by experts in education, adult and youth programs to help build something that would benefit all ages of Asgardians.

We would be very open to restarting a formal committee on this topic to pick up the proposal if any are interested.

Kind regards,
Rebekah Berg
Head of Community Affairs
NGO Asgardia

Jul 4, 17 / Leo 17, 01 16:07 UTC

Thank you for sharing the information.  

Feb 6, 18 / Pis 09, 02 07:30 UTC

Education, education, education!  I may be interested in taking online courses, depending on the subjects targetted.

Apr 30, 18 / Gem 08, 02 13:24 UTC

Asgardia should be a place where we create a new democracy that works for all citizens, therefore we should be looking at how this can be achieved. There is no point in creating a Space Kingdom if we are going to bring with us 20th Century solutions to 21st Century problems. For example excessive bureaucracy and political bias.

On this basis Asgardia should have an independently run Department of Education that makes decisions based on the experiences of educational professionals, students, other stake-holders including parents and scientifically proven data rather than political whim.

The department would be overseen by parliament who scrutinize funding, but ultimately policy decisions should come from the Department its-self.

I also propose as a standard, all forms of Asgardias educational policy & delivery to be free and available to all citizens, rather than being exposed to market forces/economics.

To create the best education system possible we should look at the best systems we have on earth (Finland, Singapore for example) and adapt them to align with Asgardias mission statement.

As such I suggest the following structure;-

Department of Education - Independent from, but funded by central government. With anti-corruption safeguards in place from the start. For example, an over-arching anti-corruption council that scrutinizes all government departments.

This would include the departments;

- Early Years (Pre-school based on language skill and understanding/interacting with the world around them - in fun and interesting ways!)

- Childhood (Focus on developing the skills necessary to become humane citizens of Asgardia - emotional intelligence, citizenship, outdoor learning, introductions to Maths and Science as well as other core curriculum ideologies, project based and rooted in enjoyment)

- Adolescence (Research based, more specific giving learners the choice to specialize in other areas of interest, introduction to testing models, critical thinking and scientific in nature)

- Adult & Lifelong (More formal but still fun and interactive, specific to specialist, including apprenticeships, scholarships and other work-based learning & CPD)

Teachers should be specialists in the delivery of the curriculum. The latest advances in technology, learning environment design and Pegagological understanding should applied through CPD and Critical Analysis.

Given Asgardias very specific nature, we should also vote to include an 'Asgardia Curriculum', one which incorporates the best humanity has to offer with the goals of the Asgardian Kingdom in Space. This needs to be dynamic and under constant review to keep it relevant to learners needs and our mission statement.

This curriculum would be put together by the different strands that make up the department of Education and would match the needs of each learning-phase.

Please send any suggestions and I will attempt to put something basic together as a place to start.