Jun 30, 17 / Leo 13, 01 13:36 UTC

Collision with Asteroid  

Happy International Asteroid Day! (Yes, there is such a day!) On this day (6/30), we must remind ourselves the threat of collision with a large size asteroid wherever the future  Asgardia nation's home will be.  Just as we face this threat here on earth, Asgardians will face this threat in the future.  As far as I know, there's no viable solution for this problem now as there is in Hollywood movies!

Jun 30, 17 / Leo 13, 01 16:41 UTC

Interesting little website there.

With how much of the surface of the Earth is water, most impacts wouldn't have catastrophic results unless it is a really big asteroid or comet travelling at high velocity and hitting land. Anything else pretty much gets swallowed by the ocean in a giant "bloop!"


Jul 14, 17 / Leo 27, 01 20:14 UTC

Collision with an asteroid shouldn't be an issue with Asgardia seeing as we could simply move from its path. As for earth, it would have to be a relatively large asteroid to do any serious damage. If you're worried about anything happening before we make it to Asgardia, i'd be more concerned with the super volcano under Yellow Stone National Park that has been acting up lately. But even if an apocalyptic asteroid event were to occur, it would have no effect on Asgardia. Unless it was big enough to shatter the earth or happens to land on said super volcano. But that is an extremely unlikely scenario. Now smaller asteroids are much harder to detect, so it is possible to get turned in to swiss cheese by a hail of tiny rocks. I'd like to know what our defense is against that happening.

Jun 9, 18 / Can 20, 02 03:44 UTC

A simple defense against the asteroids is an external barrier. We have the means on Earth right now to construct a shell, so to speak, that would be able to defense against the smaller ones, and the capability of crafting in space is actually much higher due to the low gravity and overall pressure there. 

This would allow us to create much more resilient materials.