Mar 17, 01 / Mar 14, 17 08:10 UTC

Citizens Born register and death register asgardia citizens marrage register  

Asgardia child born register and asgardian death register. asgardia marrage register. this easy control our peoples life be legal .

Mar 18, 01 / Mar 15, 17 18:08 UTC

Eventually there will be requirement for a BMD system, but right now there's actually little cause - mostly as Asgradia isn't particularly reposnsible for it's population.

It does however present an opportunity to get such a system in front of itself - most existing systems have at least a decade backlog of transferring paper records over to a digital medium.

Mar 18, 01 / Mar 15, 17 20:34 UTC

In China and Japan, families have a "hukou" which is a book that is used to record births, deaths and marriages. I propose that Asgardia could adopt a similar system possibly of the electronic variety.

Hukous are documents/files containing lists of all births, deaths and marriages in one location generally kept in a registrar office with a copy sometimes kept in the household.

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