Good Day Founders,

My name is Carlos Alfredo, I'm 27 yrs old, I speak Spanish, French and a little bit of English. I'm an Artist & Businessman / Entrepreneur.

I've lived in France and Chile, my mother is North American, my father is Dominican and my Stepfather is French.

I'm effective, multi-cultural, practical, I always put myself in other people's shoes, I sell, I create, I set my goals high, It is obvious I'm an open-minded person because I'm here, I urge you to consider my time and skills as useful to accomplish the ultimate Goal.

That being said, I've been wondering why there is not a Ministry in charge of Leisure & Entertainment in the first 11. Are we really going to go all the way without caring for the stress and relaxation of the people.

Every brain needs a good break for its own sake, people need to recharge their batteries, this is a critical part of our lives and wellbeing.

As a 12th ministry, the ministry of leisure & entertainment would focus in:

  • Recreation for all ages;
  • Personal & Social Activities
  • Awards, Ceremonies, Celebrations, Festivals
  • Sports
  • Games
  • Audiovisual & Performances
  • Holidays
  • Asgardian Fashion
  • Asgardian Honbies

  • and many other points that could be shaped in the forum.

I've collaborated as an executive in the All-Inclusive industry for a billion dollar company Bahia Principe, as well as Head of Advertising and Communications for the Alliance Française a global Cultural NGO.

I've been working with people from many backgrounds since I was 12 yrs old, I adapt, I just love to see people smile.

I'm at a stage in my life where I need purpose and I have found it in Asgardia.

I'm ready, consider this as an official proposal for a minstry and postulation for an executive position.

Thank you very much for your time and consideration,

Best regards, Happy New Year.


Mod Edit I have moved this topic from Feedback to the Ministry of Administrative Affairs for consideration. If you have any questions let us know. Jewell Ledoux, 1/2/2017, 1:19am