May 29, 17 / Can 09, 01 03:15 UTC

Securities of Tomorrow  

What intrigued me was that Asgardia is a new platform. Open to a variety of things, including technological innovation during its birth and growth. One would have to ask: What can we do to evolve ID, IP, and even voting.

I would have to imply that we have two near-perfect solutions for this as they become more of a reality during the 2020s:

1. Blockchains

2. Quantum encryprtions [photonic chips]

What would the two solve if implemented?

1. With blockchain and smart contracts [like you see with ETH Dapps], you solve all the known problems seen in a bureaucratic government. Everything moves quick and you gain all the dreams current governments wish they had: efficiency and automation.

2. Should you focus on photonic/quantum encryption, you have complete security. The hacking entity would have to move faster than the speed of light to simply intervene, but will be detectable and easily averted from.

With this in mind, within minutes or hours you solve a ton of issues that would take governments years to achieve.

An even better solution that's yet to exist but I think will someday: quantum blockchains. But that's only speculation. What's mentioned above already exists and are being perfected as we speak.

May 29, 17 / Can 09, 01 03:41 UTC

Do they solve even the problem represented by the fact "I" registered 50.000 users (or they was 100.000... mmm... I don't exactly remember), by way of automatic scripts, which can take side in the next voting (they'll probably vote what I'll choose ;-)), automatic-confirmed their "personal" data, received an ID, and so on?

May 29, 17 / Can 09, 01 09:06 UTC

@Elwe Thor, The date for processing identification has no yet been set. There are several things that needs to happen before we begin processing ID's. One of those things is Unity Day and voting on the flag, emblem, and other official symbols for Asgardia. When we have further information we will publish it on all Asgardia media. Stay tuned for further announcements on this topic.

May 29, 17 / Can 09, 01 20:02 UTC

I was only asking @marquis if modern technology tools he was listing can preventthe scenery I wrote, which was obviously exagerated but not that impossible as one may think.
If you have any answer, feel free to post, as this is the right thread to do it. :-)

Worth noting that all your sentences are referred to a time after the voting of DoU and Constitution so, after the problem arised.

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Jun 9, 17 / Can 20, 01 16:28 UTC

It can prevent a lot of things. And being decentralized, it's more reliable than a simple issuance. When it comes to accessing the ID, of course you wouldn't be able to register beyond one account if you're naturally accounted for in Asgardia's data-base [especially in person]. With a secure ID, the ID could also gain access to your voting power and whatnot. With strong security, you have quite a well-designed system current governments are not really up to speed with. At photonic speeds, it becomes near impossible to hack and what could be overkill is if it's backed by quantum-based algorithms.

Jun 9, 17 / Can 20, 01 16:58 UTC

May I ask you to explain me better how this system can prevent me to register as John Doe and as John Smith, just to say?
I would like to see a pratical example, if possible.

Jun 10, 17 / Can 21, 01 19:22 UTC

Researchers are working on it as we speak, as stated earlier. However, if you are talking about something right now and in the basics and early days of experimentation: I'd go check out or similar to see a practical example of blockchain identification.

However, if you wish to know how you can prevent a system from realizing you are John Smith and not John Doe, I bet there'd be a more in-person process made by Asgardia directly as they assign IDs. What I'm talking about is the backend, inner workings of it all.

Jun 12, 17 / Can 23, 01 02:27 UTC

So, if I'm understanding correctly, your system will handle IDs once they''ll be into Asgardia's DBs, but they can't prevent me to register 2, 3, ..., 50.000 fake ones, right?