Aqu 19, 01 / Jan 19, 17 13:40 UTC

Re: The Taboo subject: TAXES  

the society i want to be part of can not be based on taxes.

I shall only support free-will donations system to croud-fund the projects that are transparent in how they spend the money collected.

In broadest sence money is just a quantified commitement of the society to perform work. Taxation = forceing society members to work

Do not forget that money is just a tool to achive society goals. First we need to discuss what our goals are (make a list of projects) and then think about how to achieve them

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Aqu 22, 01 / Jan 22, 17 18:53 UTC

This is not the time or place to disseminate extremist views on the fundamentals of taxation. Even if you believe that taxation is theft, every citizen of Asgardia will be a voluntary citizen retaining additional citizenship with a terrestrial nation to which to return to.

If there are to be taxes, they will have been voted on and approved by the citizens of Asgardia, including each and every one of you. You can accept the democratic process or you can choose to rescind your citizenship. This is not a choice other nations can offer.

Conventional currency systems may well be obsolete on the space station. There is no value in beginning a long ideological combat between voluntaryism and pragmatism before the first satellite is even up, much less our future home.

Aqu 22, 01 / Jan 22, 17 23:47 UTC

There was a post, i think under economics, that discussed the basis of this idea. which is getting money moving to see this going. It was on service based economics in which people banned together to use what they're good at to create income. It also addressed the wealth discrepency so that people could participate equally.

I think we need to define what we are doing for economics before we decide on taxes. for instance if everyone is getting no income and needs met, there is nothing to tax. If there is no inflation, will taxes have anything to do with that? There are a number of factors that need to be addressed before we decide if and what taxes are appropriate.

Aqu 23, 01 / Jan 23, 17 02:05 UTC

I agree with Sammich that this is not the time to begin the taxation debate as there is not even a Constitution to vote on yet. I do not think we are interested in this project because we want additional taxes.

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Aqu 23, 01 / Jan 23, 17 12:14 UTC

Sounds good, cooler heads prevail. We can discuss this when it becomes pertinent .

Aqu 25, 01 / Jan 25, 17 14:13 UTC

@scratch, I think that idea of satellite/space junk reclamation is a great idea, one to keep on the idea board.

Aqu 27, 01 / Jan 27, 17 13:23 UTC

Taxes should be based on a fixed percentage of income, to be determined by the anticipated expenditures of the State.

Pis 15, 01 / Feb 12, 17 19:10 UTC

There should be a tax only on goods sold and services rendered in mutual business exchanges

That's it.

We don't need a complicated tax scheme, we don't need licensing, we don't need a centralized bank, and the people crying that we should not have any tax at all are out of their minds!

One tax on sales and services, government proposes that tax, we vote on that tax. That could be how we decide the tax structure.

Taxes are important because they fund public projects. Taxes are needed in order to fund the building of roads, the deployment of a transit structure, the man-hours of government administration to process citizenship, and the infrastructure for the government to maintain itself. Do you want Asgardia to be able to have the money to go to space, or not? Because that's our big goal in the Asgardia project. If you are not interested in going to space or sending things into space, then I'm sorry, but you are in the wrong place. If you would like to see us in space, there must be a way for the government to make passive income, and that tax method (in my humble opinion) should be REASONABLE, TANGIBLE and MUTUALLY DECIDED UPON by the government and citizens.

Asgardia's goal of launching a satellite into space, holding an election, having more culture and media, getting an Asgardia online store and mobile app and so on and so forth requires money. The money purchases resources and manpower needed to move the process along. If you are suggesting "no taxes" with no alternative, then please, what is the alternative?

Ari 01, 01 / Feb 26, 17 05:59 UTC

sound s like the fair Tax to me which Im all for

Ari 18, 01 / Mar 15, 17 18:01 UTC

My opinion, to avoid cross-posting:

Sag 17, 01 / Nov 21, 17 01:39 UTC

No true freedom for humanity can be had under the tyranny and corruption of a monetary system.
We need to embrace a Resource Based Economy - a world without money where the world's collective resources are used for the benefit of all of humanity. 

Sag 18, 01 / Nov 22, 17 17:38 UTC

Here is my post on a Resource Based Economy:

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