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Colors and its Effects on Human Emotions  

Greetings Asgardians! I have written a brief research annotated bibliography regarding colors and their effects on human emotions.
I believe that design and colors and the research accompanying its effects on humans could be put to great use by the scientists, engineers and designers of Asgardia to create a vibrant and beautiful world for our physical Space Nation.

The report is posted on my blog via this link: ASGARDIA DESIGN - COLORS & ITS EFFECTS ON HUMAN EMOTIONS

Core Findings in research:

Red is a color which is associated with heat and fire, considered a high-arousal color, stimulating people to take risks and can be associated with danger, power, energy, passion, love, and aggression in individuals.

Yellow is a color often associated with the sun and fire, considered a high-arousal color, it can stimulate feelings of optimism and hope or cowardice and betrayal in individuals.

Blue is a color associated with the sea and sky and has been shown to calm senses and even lower blood pressure, allowing it to be perceived as a calming color and can stimulate feelings of trust, security, order and cleanliness in individuals.

Orange is a color associated with heat, the sun and fire, considered a high-arousal color and can stimulate feelings of energy, balance and warmth in individuals.

Green is a color associated with grass and leaves, can be associated with nature, health, growth and jealousy.  

Purple is a color associated with wealth, success and wisdom, considered a low-arousal color and can stimulate feelings of spirituality, mystery, royalty, or arrogance in individuals.

Further reading and analysis of my research can be found on my blog page:

Thank You for your time. I look forward to working with all of you to innovate Asgardia and building our Space Nation together!

Yours faithfully,

Steven 'Edrick' Wang,
Strategist Candidate for Innovation.

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Sep 9, 17 / Sco 00, 01 03:34 UTC

I like colors, colors have many ways of explaining things.
I see that you have done a nice work in the psychological sense of the colors.
I personally have more a view in the real world colors, and i follow more the
computer way true the rgb path as that has been my path in several decades.
Lately i try to add more physical things as i am living with Asgardia now. So in
my own brain i classify colors true the rgb and try to link them to world items.
The very latest way i try to follow is the way of reflection, as it will seem not
logical to some, i am going to mention also that i am not a scientist.

RGB is red, green and blue.
Red is on the left, it is the color of deep heat, like hot metal or lava,
the opposite absorbed color is blue, so it absorbs coldness.
Yellow = red+green, it is the color of high heat, like the sun,
the opposite absorbed color is green+blue, so it absorbs cooling.
Green is in the middle, it is the color of nature, like plants.
the opposite absorbed color is red+blue, so it absorbs harming rays.
Cyan = green+blue, it is the color of ideal temperature, like shallow water.
the opposite absorbed color is yellow, so it absorbs high heat.
Blue is on the right, it is the color of coldness, like the oceans,
the opposite absorbed color is red, so it absorbs deep heat.
Magenta = blue+red, it is the opposite color of nature, like flowers,
the opposite absorbed color is green, so it absorbs the color of nature.

This path can be used in space also, but i have not yet enough knowledge
from the star spectrum's to give a descent comment about the items.
It follows more the scientific road to explain all the sorts of energy waves
we can have in space, including the so called dark energy and matter.


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Sep 27, 17 / Sco 18, 01 13:49 UTC

Eu acho que você está certo. Se pensarmos bem todo o nosso meio ambiente será artificial. Importante que sejam agradáveis.

Leonardo Oliveira for Trendsetter! ->

"Beyond the virtual! - Courage and Self-knowledge"

Nov 8, 17 / Sag 04, 01 18:24 UTC

I'm glad this conversation is being raised.  As Asgardia will eventually be a space-based nation, our headquarters will invariably be entirely contained within a station or individual ships.  As such, the physical environment and the features therein are very important, and something as simple as the colour of the walls and floors can have a demonstrable effect on the psychology of the inhabitants.  Thank you!

Nov 15, 17 / Sag 11, 01 22:37 UTC

Well, yes, colours have a special impact on the human and his emotions, for the eyes are working with them and being stimulated by colour impact. As I would just like to add, that the colour in which Asgardia is kind of build, is rather important. But not only for the humans and how it affects them but also because of light.
Light colours absorb less light than dark colours. Now you have to question what is precisely dark and light, if you don't know so?
But a build with light colours is less hot in the inside and reflects more sun rays than dark buildings, which are often rather hot inside and don't reflect light.
The reflected light by the ground heats the air again.
It is just something I wanted to add, when there would be the topic of build in Asgardia later.
So there are both psychological and other influences into it.

And thank you for linking to the article of Gillett on your blog, I read through it and picked up a lot.

Kind regards, The Wordsmith

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