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Social Pychology: Intercultural relationship / ES: Relaciones interculturales / PT: Relaçoes interculturais  

ENGLISH: Hello Asgardians! My name is Jorge, in my opinion one of the great challenges that we have to answer is to understand each other from diverse cultural contexts. Asgardia's ideas require that we be able to transcend linguistic barriers and construct the same medium of communication. I would like to generate a space for discussion to discuss this issue. This requires psychologists as intercultural mediators to generate "bridges" between diverse cultural understandings.

ESPAÑOL: ¡Hola Asgaridanos! Mi nombre es Jorge, en mi opinión uno de los grandes retos que tenemos que responder es el de entendernos desde contextos culturales diversos. Las ideas de Asgardia requieren que consigamos trascender de las barreras lingüisticas y construir un mismo medio de comunicación. Me gustaría generar un espacio de debate para hablar sobre este asunto. Esto requiere de psicólogos como mediadores interculturales que generen "puentes" entre entendimeintos culturales diversos.

PORTUGUÉS: Olá, Asgardians! Meu nome é Jorge, na minha opinião, um dos grandes desafios que temos de responder é compreender uns aos outros a partir de contextos culturais diversos. As idéias de Asgardia exigem que sejamos capazes de transcender as barreiras linguísticas e construir o mesmo meio de comunicação. Gostaria de gerar um espaço para discussão desta questão. Isso exige que os psicólogos sejam mediadores interculturais para gerar "pontes" entre entendimentos culturais diversos.

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EN: About the lenguage exist an intersting discussion here: ES: Se está desarrollando un debate interesante sobre el tema del idioma aquí: PT: Sob as linguas esta se desenvolvendo uma discussão interesante aquí:

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Jan 2, 17 / Aqu 02, 01 17:24 UTC

Go on...

Jan 7, 17 / Aqu 07, 01 16:36 UTC

EN: Perhaps we could look into researching the potentials of telepathy and non-verbal communication.

Yes, I am serious, and before anyone tells me how impractical and / or stupid that is, hear me out.

Language originates in the brain, correct? In studying human learning and development, science has found that people's thoughts and feelings manifest as images, creatively generated in the mind, before the images are "translated", formulated into language, and expressed. If we could find a method to locate the area in the brain where this activity occurs, decode these "pre-language" images and develop a database of words and phrases for the device to retrieve translations from, we could develop a device that does the "translating" work for the brain.

Furthermore, I agree that we need to act as mediators. Man...we're gonna either need this device, a lot of translators, or a lot of "Learn Chinese!" textbooks...

Jan 30, 17 / Pis 02, 01 07:55 UTC

How do you intend to go about developing this communication device? Our current way of communication is cumbersome and occasionally divisive.