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Re: Psychological fears  


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   Psychological Fear is often connected to and confused with anger. A man loses his job and says:  I didn’t feel fear when I lost my job. I was angry!  But fear is a natural reaction in such a situation due to the uncertainty of what will happen next.

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Apr 10, 17 / Tau 16, 01 12:23 UTC

Considering the ISS has winows smalls ones admittedly but windows all the same. I personally do not see any reason why having windows would not be possible. Also, no matter what is done a replicated view will never be guaranteed to have the same effects. As being able to look out a window and see the real deal. On everyone in every situation, because once the brain realizes the view is not authentic, it ceases to be tricked by the replicated view.

If we are talking about a station that is spinning to create artificial gravity, the windows would be in the "floor". The scene out of the 'floor' would be constantly shifting between Earth and dark space and, maybe, the moon. It would be terribly disconcerting to always have the 'floor' changing and moving under your feet, without actually feeling the movement. Bear in mind that the station would be spinning such that the speed at the point of the residential areas would be in excess of 100 miles an hour at all times.

The windows would also be points of structural weakness, and potential holes for micrometeorite impacts. Weighing the benefits of 'being able to look out a window and see space' and 'catastrophic decompression, structural weakness, and possible nausea', there is no real need for windows in the residential areas. An observation area in the zero-g areas could be done relatively safely, but not in the spinning part.


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I can see what you mean, honestly that's a good question, I think we should people through thorough test so no freaks out from isolation and closterphobia i think I spelt that wrong, which I don't have those but they can develops with anyone.