Jul 24, 17 / Vir 09, 01 18:23 UTC

"Stargate" project.  

As we know sometime ago CIA opened library  published information about UFO and psychological experiments using a very special abilities of human's mind and brain, which were held by U.S. government. Asgardia is very unusual for earthlings so it could be right to use unusual posibilities. I predict, and lots of authors before, that if we even meet other lifeforms in space we couldn't communicate with them using known types of communication. Folks,we need Jedi) 

Nov 21, 17 / Sag 17, 01 00:56 UTC

Erm site some sources please. 

Jan 7, 18 / Aqu 07, 02 15:50 UTC

Whoever is in charge of psychology department or communication should already reach out to other governments for supports on communication with other lifeforms. Well if there are any willing to "talk " to us

Jan 11, 18 / Aqu 11, 02 12:40 UTC

Hey Shimshon, 

glad some people  have an open mind here. There are quite few projects carried out by different Governments in this area; from US, China, India, Japan, which have been working on this for few decades now.I recommend looking up Dr Anderson (physicist) ,from Anderson Institute (has web site) ,whom openly talks about time augmentation experiments,field arrays ,gates ,acceleration of composition of organic matter inside the field array,delayed time passage inside field array,his initial thesis -evolved around time drag experienced by  different satellites circumnavigating earth,and has evolved into much more. He starts with laser field array ,time drag, has done interviews on U-tube,interesting listening.A lot of his research he openly talks about,rest in locked up in black operations.Other points you brought up should also be expanded upon .There is a lot going on there but humans lead a very closed narrow minded existance.(look up archived  comments from ex-ceo of Lockheed Martin operations , Ben Rich,his comments were-- we have technology to take "ET " home.very old comments.........