Mar 17, 17 / Ari 20, 01 18:04 UTC

Re: The non-seen abilities!  

Such comments was added as general commentry more than specific messages to specific peoples.

With regards to explaining the mechanics - mebbe I'm completely off. It'd currently be difficult to entirely prove or disprove - but in my head at least it makes sense.

Apr 3, 17 / Tau 09, 01 08:14 UTC

Oh no...

Look, not to disrespect your beliefs or anything, but Asgardia is about humanity's scientific and social progress. The "unseen abilities" you mention have little to no proof. The only proof i can find has been from non-reputable or biased sources. I would love for these to exist. That being said, I also would love to win the lottery, and I believe the chances are about the same.


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Apr 9, 17 / Tau 15, 01 03:50 UTC

i really want to study these abilities and achieve em :P

Apr 22, 17 / Gem 00, 01 11:56 UTC

The unseen abilities are not just unseen but unfelt and undetectable beyond the bounds of your own imagination,  that is to say, it's all in your head.

Apr 25, 17 / Gem 03, 01 00:44 UTC

Thses unseen abilities can help us. Even if we don't have them. We should study to unlock them. Next genetic stage of human evolution 

May 4, 17 / Gem 12, 01 10:32 UTC

  1. They don't exist! Evolution is not some linear process that climbs a ladder of ever cooler mental abilities. 

If you want to -create- new abilities then I think we'll have a lot more to talk about. Is the mobile phone the beginning of a future digital telepathic circuit? Will people ever be able to plug into other people's senses via networks? 

May 6, 17 / Gem 14, 01 15:55 UTC

Technology can achieve in the future some of these abilities. Whatever we imagine can be achieved, so psychic powers are not a lie, and not only for that reason. We must achieve em as ourselves, not as a combination with a machine. This is indeed evolution, 5th dimensional beings at least as Arcturians or some other alien species...
We are the next generation and we must concider this as a science and study it. we all know our DNA has now 2 clones, but we miss the 10 more... We are not currently what we can be. Societys fault...

May 20, 17 / Can 00, 01 21:41 UTC

You never know what will happen

Jul 7, 17 / Leo 20, 01 15:04 UTC

Basically the problem is people saying (not only here) "We cannot measure it so it doesn't exist". But how do we create measurement tools anyway ?

I'll take a common object alcohol-thermometer. We cannot directly see nor measure temperature, only it's effect (alcohol dilating or contracting)  Likewise, we cannot see nor measure electricity or magnetic fields. We have seen their effects. So this light be the same with the "non-seen abilites". We haven't percived or understood their effects, so we cannot create appropriate measurement tools.

One thing is sure nevertheless : our body produces a magnetic field that can be measured. Plus, our cardiac rythm changes depending on our emotions. If we have positive emotions (happiness, love...) it will be harmonious. If we have negative emotions (fear, anxiety) it will be chaotic.

I don't have such abilites like TheWiseOne, but I can feel if can trust a person or not. This is not particulatry a gift, but something I have developed over the last years.

So I belive these kind of abilites exist, we just have to be aware of them.

Jul 23, 17 / Vir 08, 01 23:00 UTC

I agree with your views on this subject. It is very difficult to find out if someone really has these abilities but I myself have experienced some pretty obvious scenarios, even including myself. I'm surprised that people cant see how much these things affect the world and how real they really are. I believe this involves the amount of quantum and electro magnetic energy you have stored in your body and how much you are able to obtain.

Aug 13, 17 / Lib 01, 01 23:36 UTC

Eu acho que Asgardia precisa receber qualquer um, sem qualquer tipo de preconceito.

Mas você diz aceitar como cidadão ou como profissional?

I think Asgardia needs to get anyone, without any kind of prejudice.

But do you say accept as a citizen or as a professional?


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