Oct 9, 18 / Oph 02, 02 13:44 UTC

Asgardians in developing economies  

My question is, what tangible benefit is there to a citizen of Asgardia that can barely (or otherwise, not) afford the annual fee, that makes such a fee reasonable or sensible to pay?

Nov 12, 18 / Sag 08, 02 19:13 UTC

My question has been answered by the information made available on Asgardian citizenship vs Residency. It makes more sense now. 

Dec 5, 18 / Cap 03, 02 22:33 UTC

I am glad you asked though. The Citizenship Committee was very concerned about this as well.  We made an extensive report on this topic and hope to implement some options in our report.  

Dec 6, 18 / Cap 04, 02 15:40 UTC


Where was this information found on the site specifically? I'm gathering reference points for the "Guide" I'm creating for new people.



What is the best way to contact any of the currently formed committees? Is that the proper chain of command for questions and concerns? Or do we reach out to Parliamentary members first? Where should we ask if the Parliamentary members ignore our "Friends" request or otherwise do not respond to comments?

Dec 7, 18 / Cap 05, 02 10:17 UTC

@misty the information is still piecemeal but you get the gist of it here: 


You've probably already seen it. I regarded it as satisfactory for now because I suspect there's nothing else to tell yet. It shows that there will be genuine physical benefits to citizenship at a financial cost which must seem trivial to our billionaire head of state.

I'm sure we'll be keeping an eye on this because even though a flat fee is a good way to get Asgardia's finances off the ground (assuming many of us actually pay), in future, I'd hope that alternative methods become available so that literally anyone can make the transition if they really want to. 

As a finishing note, in the news yesterday, I read about Chinese workers working all day to make a Christmas toy, at 1p per toy.

Dec 7, 18 / Cap 05, 02 15:37 UTC

@Misty, as communication between Asgardians and members of Parliament is still under development you can send your inquiries to Parliament office coordination email crd.parliament@asgardia.space stating in subject the name of committee it is addressed to. Please be assured that all messages will be forwarded to respect committee or member of Parliament

Dec 7, 18 / Cap 05, 02 15:59 UTC

Yep, I saw that page. Just didn't know if it was a new one.

@Carol: Thank you SO MUCH for this. This is great.

Dec 17, 18 / Cap 15, 02 22:19 UTC


My apologies for not getting back sooner. I see that Linda answered your question.  I have the honor to be on your Citizenship Committee or which the Honorable Ben Dell is our Chairman.  

The Citizenship Committee is in charge of making, altering or getting rid of laws concerning our Residents (later Citizens).  The Honorable Chair, Mr. Dell has given the entire Committee to do everything in our power for the benefit of our Citizens. Every Member of the of the Committee signed it.

Should you wish to send an email to the Citizenship Committee, Chairperson Dell, or myself, send it to the Coordinator's office and she will forward it to the right member of Parliament!  Linda is very skilled at keep us all in the know about what is going on. 

Likewise, you can address an email to any Committee or Chairperson of a Committee, send it to the above email and Linda will see that the right person gets it.