Tau 24, 03 / Apr 18, 19 10:56 UTC

Collect citizens blood type used health for citizens and person safety  

Collect citizens blood type used citizens health and person safety . Collect mission for our government! This prive! Need serious protection blood type information for citizens! We can this way support our citizens need blood! This need ! We need construction our health globe hospital base and internet center helpful our citizens keep best life ! This our government mission ! We need offer free medical for our citizens! We government need offer ungency helpful to need our nation helpful citizens and hand kipper citizens! To equal and freedom to best service our citizens! Merci thanks

Gem 10, 03 / May 2, 19 22:30 UTC

Agree, free basic healthcare and emergency healthcare should be provided at no cost to everyone, somehow.

I am often objecting to the taxes in Asgardia of the Citizens, but mostly because they are pretty high for the majority of Asgardians are lower income, the price should be lower the first few years.

Then when we are really more of a nation jack it up a bit and we can pay for healthcare for people, or augment their healthcare costs at least.