Oct 10, 18 / Oph 03, 02 10:36 UTC

district input  

Hello, i want to add an idea or suggestion to add a place of choice for district in the profile. What do i mean with that. For example i live in a country with a wide spread occupation of citizens. In the nearby country's there are some big city's with many citizens so these could be more preferable places for embassies. If i would now add my preference for an other country/city as my district choice (in space are no borders) nearby then i would be part of that district. The choice of district could then be changed and saved as one wishes.

Grtz, Dirk.

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Oct 13, 18 / Oph 06, 02 18:09 UTC

Dear Dirk,

Please contact mayoral election coordinator with your proposal.

Parliament Coordinator