Apr 4, 19 / Tau 10, 03 20:07 UTC

Official agenda  

Hi Asgardia, I would like to propose an official agenda where we can follow up all upcoming events with advised links to info.

Grtz, Dirk.

Apr 12, 19 / Tau 18, 03 14:07 UTC

I LoveStar Trek , but am not good at video Games. I do not want to ever use My Time for any violence . I think there is too much on Earth and I am hesitant to join because I don't want to join a Galactic Battle Armada. I Love Peace and Truth amongst Teamwork, and pusuing My Own Interests(Hobbies). I want to just buy a Farm Maybe and Live Quietly with My Wife and Collect Butterflies. That's Her. I really Like making Model Airplanes From Wood. I will read the Constitution and other stuff again.Thanks. I Love That Someone is Trying to get Humans Exploring Again !