Tau 24, 03 / Apr 18, 19 11:10 UTC

We nation builds embassy need builds citizens lives hotel at place ! This way we citizens can nices sleeping and lives at embassy for our nation embassy need some times ! We need citizens hotel for our embassy and our city municipal places !  

We need builds citizens hotel at our embassy and city municipal! Because we citizens need way ! This we can best trip and rest for our citizens! Thanks merci ! 

Gem 10, 03 / May 2, 19 22:26 UTC

I agree! We need official Embassy's all over the place!

I do not know what the legal requirements are for having Asgardian Property/Land/Territory. Right now Asgardia being large online you could probly stick a flag in your lawn and declare it Asgardian territory if you wanted but I wouldn't invite political refugee's there without consulting a lawyer lol.

We may want to think of cheap solutions to housing as well. Many people all across the world goto bed outside in the elements homeless. Millions and millions of people ;(

Asgardia could lead the way in designing low-income houseing!


     -Converting Shipping Containers into Apartments

-Look into 3D Printed Homes/Apartments

-Floating City On the Ocean

Last one is more extreme but eventually we will have to colonize the ocean I believe it is our destiny as much as is space. I hope we can start to heal the oceans and planet tho soon.

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