Cap 20, 00 / Dec 21, 16 03:55 UTC

Adam Olafsson's suggestion of Acquiring/Utilizing abandoned Military/Nato? base  

"All over Europe there are abandoned airfields and other military installations that national governments want to dump off for next to nothing. Many are former NATO installations while some belonged to the former Warsaw Pact.

I would suggest that Asgardia look for such a deactivated facility to purchase or rent as a headquarters. These old bases are often still outfitted with good infrastructure including housing. This would be ideal for bringing people in to train them as well as supporting a permanent staff. We need an airstrip to facilitate training also"

I reposted this in the new forum because I think Adams idea has merit....larry

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Cap 20, 00 / Dec 21, 16 05:05 UTC

I found a site that goes over many abandoned bunkers/Military structures.

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Cap 21, 00 / Dec 22, 16 14:19 UTC

I love this idea :)

But in the end we should acquire some lands somewhere... I made a post about it:

Cap 23, 00 / Dec 24, 16 04:34 UTC

As a former member of the US army I see the great advantages that a base provides. The biggest problem i forsee would be "who does the land beling to".

Cap 24, 00 / Dec 25, 16 17:48 UTC

I was browsing the inventory of abandoned NATO bases, and I found this. It's beautiful. Absolutely perfect!

Bozi Dar. It's an old Soviet airstrip 30 miles Northeast of Prague, currently owned by the Czech government. By the sounds of the article on the site, it has almost everything we need. A school, a bunker, an airship, and even a movie theater complex.

What do you guys think?

Aqu 11, 01 / Jan 11, 17 05:26 UTC

It might be a tall order, but finding a base that is nearby or has a sea port to trade goods and raw materials would be ideal.

Aqu 21, 01 / Jan 21, 17 07:45 UTC

I think that this idea is great, but we'll have to see the legal question about how is the owner. In fact at the beginning we'll only need short spaces for administrative work (Embassies, etc) but later occupy such a base could be an asset.