Aug 3, 01 / Aug 15, 17 18:50 UTC

Asgardia handwork  

Asgardia handwork.

What if we would let people do some handwork/crafts/art and
give them an Asgardian label to sell them locally.

Grtz, Dirk.

Candidate for Trendsetter

Aug 3, 01 / Aug 15, 17 19:09 UTC

1. On what terms? If this does not benefit the artisans, nothing will come of it. Artisans simply will not do it. In addition, it should be useful things, not souvenirs.
2. How is this consistent with the laws of the states? Not all activities are possible without registration of trading activities.
3. For the state, such incomes are too small. It is necessary to organize a large business (trade, transport). Then the incomes will be palpable.
4. If you just want to advertise the Asgardia project, you need to organize regular meetings with people around the Earth. To  organize several projects useful for the population of the Earth  (assistance in studying the climate, intensive technologies of growing  plants, technologies for processing waste, etc.). To this they will pay attention.

And who needs trinkets with the inscription Asgardia?