Greetings Asgardians,

 My name is Matheus Saueressig and I am Director of Communications in South America of the Cellular Agriculture Society. And I am an asgardian as well.

 I came to rise an important discussion. How we going to feed people in Asgardia? How we going to produce food in space? 

 You may already have seen in science fiction some space bars in asteroids that serves space burgers. But how they make these space burgers?

 We have failed to bring animals to space, when most of them died of stress. Can we bring farm animals to space?

 Why we cannot just bring their cells?

 Cell ag is a whole new field that make possible produce animal products(beef, diary, eggs and other things) using in vitro technology and fermentation.

 We take the cell of a cow and use it to replicate an entire beef. This technology has improved in a way that we already have companies that make products like this, like Memphis Meat.

 Churchill said once in a letter that it's absurd to rise a whole chicken just to consume its breast or legs.

 Should we bring chickens to space? Why don't we transport its cells only?

 According to Dr. Mark Post, one single cell can produce 1 ton of meat.

 Imagine that we transport millions of cell to space. We could feed an entire population for decades.

 Not only that. Cell ag use 98% less water to produce the same amount of beef that regular ag uses. 1 pound of beef uses 7 thousand liters of water to be produced. It s the same that a human consume in 10 years.

 With cell ag, we could save water, weight population, energy and much more. At the same time we can provide the same delicious meal that we have on earth.

 To make this reality, the Cellular Agriculture Society has a whole program to develop that. We call the interplanetary initiative, and it is a program to support researches of cell ag in space.

 What do you think, fellows? Should we invest in cell ag?