Dec 9, 18 / Cap 07, 02 14:12 UTC

Orbital Yacht Club(tm)  

Use current technology to create a 1G presence in space for 320 people at a time. Combine the ISS trusses with 40 Dragon spacecraft in the shape of a 200m ferris wheel. Spin at 3 RPMs to create 1G. Install 0G stations at the center. Each Dragon docking station is owned independently by each club member with the infrastructure costs shared among all of the club members.

What do you think? Can we do this now?

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Dec 12, 18 / Cap 10, 02 07:42 UTC

That would be nice. What about oxygen/water/electricity systems? One for all or every part of station will have their own?

Dec 12, 18 / Cap 10, 02 14:14 UTC

In the beginning we would model after the ISS procedures. Each yacht would probably have their own as a back up. We would grow into new processes and procedures as we seek continuous improvement.