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Project №1: generation of energy  


Several days ago I had made application to government of Asgardia for financing of my scientific projects. Tomorrow I have received answer. Author of the answer had wrote that it is desirable to desrcibe my projects in Forum and to open discussion about technical possibilities of theirs realizability. The final decision About financing will be made with regard of results of discussion too. That is why I publish hier the short description of my projects and cherish hopers  to see the fruitful discussion of them. 

My opinion is that the general technical problems in the process of constuction of space platforms and stations are followings:

  1. generation of energy;
  2. generation of driving pulse;
  3. production of food;
  4. production (or clearing) of air and water;
  5. protection against space radiation.

The first three problems can be solved on the common basis, and I could suggest the ways of theirs decision. The last two problems would be solved by other specialists. But, I have to notify beforehand that the all expounded information is interpreted by akademic circles as pseudo-science. Although the great deal of this „pseudo –science“ is proved experimentally already, sush ideas do not obtain the recognition amongs academicians up to now.

Nov 26, 18 / Sag 22, 02 15:55 UTC

  1. Generation of Energy

I would like to state that I had found several errors in academical science. One of this errors is the idea of potential energy. In reality, such energy is absent in nature. When I raise a heavy stone,I work against gravitational field that attracts the stone downwards, but not against the stone itself. Therefore, I delive a work on gravitational field and increase its energy rather than the potential energy of the stone. Then, when the stone will drop under influence of the weight force, the gravitational field delivers the work ower the stone and release to it the energy that I transfered to the field earlier. The kinetic energy is error too and the nature does not have such energy. Instead of the kinetic energy, the energy of physical vacuum exists. Hurling a stone, we deform the structure of surrounding physical vacuum by accelerated motion of the stone´s gravitational field and deliver the work over the physical vacuum with the thransfer of our muscular energy to it. When the Stone collides with obstacle, it deforms the structure of physical vacuum by decelerated motion of its gravitational field again, but the vacuum delivers a work over the stone for such decelerated motion and releases own energy to the stone already.

The idea of physical vacuum is well-known in quantum mechanics and nobody of physicists reject it. But, akademicians suppose that vacuum contains very little energy per unit of volume (or does not contain absolutelly) and it is impossible to extract an energy from vacuum and to convert it into heat or electricity. We consider such opinion as mistake. There is well-known Casimir-effect in quantum mechanics that consisits of the following: if two smooth metal plates are parallel and disposed very close, they begin to move one to other and obtain kinetic energy that is transformed into heat at collision. This heat appears as a result of conversion of the vacuum energy, another source is not exist. Nevertheless, akademicians believe by tradition that enegy cannot be extracted from the vacuum. 

In the general case the energy of physical vacuum is calculated by formula E = mc2.. This formula has the following physical meaning: when we transfer energy E to physical vacuum, it reacts by creation of mass m = E/c. The density of vacuum Energy is described by formula E/V = c4 / (8 pi γ r), where c is the light speed, pi = 3.14, γ is gravitational constant, r is minimally possible radius of black hole. If r is the electron radius, then E/V = 2.45x1072 J/m3. When we suppose that r is the Plank´s length, then E/V = 1.2x10112 J/m3. This Energy participates in all processes practically and is perceived by uns as kinetic energy. 

Nov 26, 18 / Sag 22, 02 15:59 UTC

If we remain within the limits of kinetic energy, we would wait that the energy that is discharged at collision of the hurled stone and obstacle has to be equal to energy which we had expended on doing the hurling: it is absent an source of additional energy. But, when we transfer to new conception of vacuum energy, situation can be changed sharply. As the physical vacuum contains huge energy, it can return more energy at collision of the stone and obstacle in comparison with the energy that we expended for the hurling. I have found much information which proves the reality of such effects. 

In the early seventies, research woker Usherenko from Institute of Heat-and Macc-Transfer for Belorussian Akademy of Sciences had found mysterios phenomenon: shelling a massive iron plate by the quickly flying grains of sand (the speed of grains was 1 to 2 km/sec), er had observed that some grains have burnt the plate through. According to calculations, it is required 1000 to 10 000 more energy for such effects in comparison with kinetic energy of grain. And what is more, new chemical elements were detected at walls of formed chanels, the elements which are absent earlier. Also, the photographic film indicated a soft Roentgen radiation. In short, investigator observed symptoms of nuclear reactions. Physicist does not decide to publish such results and kept silence up to time of perestroika. This effect (it is called Usherenko-effect, you could read here [external Link Removed]) is not only one of its kind. Today we explain this effect  by following way: the collision of quickly flying grain with iron plate can create such conditions when physical vacuum begins to release owns energy in form of explosion and, as a result, gamma-Radiation and nuclear reactions between radiation and metall of plate come into existence. 

Some physicists attempt to explain the Usherenko-effect by cold nuclear synthesis. We consider  such attempts to be erroneous. Let to remember the relation of bound energy amongs neutrons and protons in nucleus to atomic mass: the function goes upwards from hydrogen sharply and reaches maximum in zone of iron, after that it drops to heavy elements smoothly. Such dependence shows that the production of energy is possible for fussion of heavy trans-uranium elements (present nuclear power plants) or for synthesis of light elements (future thermonuclear power plants). But, all nuclear reactions with iron – fussion or synthesis – proceed with absorption of energy always rather than with emission of energy. That is why the cold nuclear synthesis with iron is impossible principially.

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Nov 26, 18 / Sag 22, 02 16:06 UTC

In the nineties, research workers of one of the scientific institutes of Tomsk (town in Sibir) have published an article about Investigation of so-called spin-torsion generator. The generator was very simple: central rod and truncated cone round it. Both were manufactured from metall and have different charges.  Filling the unit by oil, investigators observed that the oil began to move within cone from wide basis to narrow throat and, after that, flowed out (I would note that oil does not react upon electric field and cannot move under influence of it). Investigators advanced the following explanation: the entering into quantum of vacuum particles and antiparticles disperse slightly under influence of electric field and the vacuum quantum becomes dipole, but any dipole moves to maximal strength of electric field always. In our case the vacuum quantums moved within cone to point of minimal distance between central rode and cone. Interacting with gravitational field of oil in process of such motion, vacuum quantums entrained the oil (unfortunatelly, it is absent any information in Internet about this Institute, I have the corresponding articles existing only on paper). 

We have modified such construction slightly: we removed the oil as detector of motion of vacuum and used so-called Lebedev´s Propeller for such role (Lebedev´s propeller is a light small turbine within glass retort and blades of different colors; air is absent in retort). The Lebedev´s propeller rotates always as the Sun light brings different pressure on blades of different colors. When we placed this propeller closer to outlet opening of the unit, Propeller decelerated up to complet stopping and began to rotate in the opposite direction with very huge velocity. Such experiment shows that it is possible to form a vacuum flow that will revolve turbine or rotor of electrogenerator producing the electric energy. The Question is the following: how many energy will produce our unit in order to compensate the leakage of electrons from electrodes? If we use constant strength of electric field, the produced energy can be insufficient to compensate leakage. But, when we go from constant strength to pulsed strength (use the individual sharp pulses of current and voltage in order to form sharp bumps of electric field), it is to be expected that the produce of energy will be much more.

Nov 26, 18 / Sag 22, 02 16:11 UTC

It was found, that the other way of the problem of electron leakage from electrodes exists. This way was suggested by physicist Nicola Tesla in the thirties of past century. Tesla substantiated theoretically and proved the system of pulsed charging of electrical batteries with the help of vacuum energy experimentally: two batteries produce the pulse of current that initiates ejection of energy from physical vacuum and charges two other batteries, after that the batteries switch the roles (you can read about such technology hier [external Link Removed]/ article „The system of four batteries after Tesla“). If to insert our electrogenerator into Tesla´s system, the formed by system numerous pulses will create the vacuum flows within electrogenerator and revolve rotor simultaneously. Such scheme seems to be more preferable, as it is free from reverse positive Connection between produced energy and number of electrons at electrodes. Problem consists in the mathing of pulses that are produced by System of batteries and are required by our electrogenerator. As regards the using of Tesla´s system without our generator, such way is seemed uns to be erroneous: first, two or four batteries cannot provide the greate space platform with electricity; second, numerous apparatus and devices require a simple alternating sinusoidal current rather than series of repeating pulses.

The present scheme has one principal disadvantage: the vacuum flow moves parallel to axis of rotation. Owing to this parallelism, vacuum flow cannot supply the turning moment on axis of rotation itself and man has to introduce a liquid into construction that will play a role of mediator and transfer the pressuse from vacuum flow to blades of turbine. Unfortunatelly, this liquid may be barrier to reach the high power: because of relative high viscosity the liquid will show a low velocity and, as a result, slow rotation of turbine. In order to remove this advantage, we have proposed construction with such Motion of vacuum flow which moves to axis of rotation perpendicularly and can form the turning moment itself without any liquid (our patent application [external Link Removed] in Germany or in Englisch). Unfortunatelly, the German patent committee did not give uns patent. The reason of refusal was followng: physical vacuum does not contain energy, consequently any vacuum-generator cannot produce electricity or heat.

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Nov 26, 18 / Sag 22, 02 16:18 UTC

2) Generation of driving pulse

Antigravitation drive (or driving pulse) can be made on the basis of our unit with central rod and conic airframeas the vacuum flow carries along the blades of turbine, it can entrain the fast connected with the frame a plate too. I call such way of driving pulse „the method of Baron Münchhausen“, the just Baron who had draged himself out swamp by hair. Sceptic could raise an objection against such scheme of antigravitation drive by violation of the pulse-conservation-law. Nevertheless, we observe such „violation“ every day practically. I mean the phenomenon of  inertia that conflicts with the third law of mechanics (any action is accompanied with counteraction): when we drop forward under action of the inertia force within the retarted bus, it is impossible to find „counter-force“. 

Inertia is a reaction of vacuum to deformation of its structure by nonuniform motion of gravitational field of some material object. When we move with acceleration, the accelerated motion of gravitational field of our organism deforms the vacuum, therefore it reacts upon such deformation by creation of forces which pull uns backwards in order to keep uns at rest and to exclude any deformation. Uniform motion does not deform the structure of vacuum and it does not react upon such motion. The decelerated motion deforms the structure of vacuum repeatly and it reacts upon such deformation by forces that pull uns forward in oder to keep uns in the state of uniform motion. 

It is of no importance what moves nonuniformly: material object moves nonuniformly in medium of stationary vacuum or vacuum moves nonuniformly through stationary material object. Both variants are accompanied with creation of the propulsion forces. Our method of the formation of antigravitational forces realizes the second variant of nonuniform motion of the vacuum flow. 

Several years ago I have found the short reports of Chinese investigators in Internet who described the unit (so-called Em-Drive) that formed a light propulsion force without the repulsiom of mass( scheme of Em-Drive is very similar to our unit. The only distinction consists in the using of magnetron instead of central rod. Perhaps, the Chinese were found our articles in Internet and reproduced our unit with several distinctions. Also, the Chinese reported that the laser ray moving within cone from wide basis to narrow constriction showed the velocity higher than standart light speed. We predicted such effect in one of our articles too: standart light speed is added with velocity of vacuum flow and resulting velocity increases. 

Although the propulsion force of  Em-Drive was very small, it is possible to increases the driving pulse significantly with the help of the using of pulsed strenght at electrodes. The approximate form of pulses is clear uns, but investigations will be indispensable in any case.

Nov 26, 18 / Sag 22, 02 16:27 UTC

3) Production of food.

Opinion „man needs the food“ is mistake. In reality man needs energy and different albumens/oils/carbohydrates. If a man will acquire Energy and albumens/oils/carbohydrates from another source, the necessity of food will dasappear. Man acquires up to 90% of the whole demanded energy from the physical vacuum by principle of resonant vibrations and about 10% energy from the food (such measurements were been completed in the time of USSR, but impossibility of explanation of results in limits of academical knowledge was reason why the results were not been published). If we give additional 10% of energy to a man by any technical or another method, the man loses the necessity of food. Such technical method could be developed on basis of our vacuum flows: irradiating the human organism by vacuum flow, we give the additional 10% of energy to him. 

Several years ago I had made such expriment in myself. Having a rest at the Black-sea shore to nord of Sochi, I decided to spend the night in Wolkonsc-dolmen (dolmen is a little stone house with round openning for entrance). After this sole night within dolmen, I had lost the sensation of hunger and lives 7 days without food (you can read About my experiment here Dolmen operates at time of storm only: storm produces numerous waves that shake a shore and these shakings reach dolmen, as a result, the walls of dolmen´schamber began to vibrate. Of course, the amplitude of these vibrations is very small and is imperceptible for man. But, it is sufficient in order to deform quartz granules that are present in substance of dolmen. Consequently, an electric field appears within dolmen´s walls that forms a vacuum flow through dolmen. And this vacuum flow will transfer a part of energy to man who sleeps in chamber.

Of course, it is not allowed to repeal the production of food at space platform completely. Consequently, any green-house will operate. But, the expenditures of fertilizer and chemical weed-killers and pest-killers can be excepted completely. At the times of late USSR the experiments were been performed that showed the ways of radical annihilation of pests and pathogenic microflora at infected fields. The irradiation of infected fields with the help of special Generator during one months resulted to the complect destruction of pathogenic microflora practically. Supplement of harvest was 10 to 100%, fertilizers and chemical weed- and pest-killers were used in micro-ammount. It is unknown the nature of such irradiation, and the inventor of this apparat himself was unable to answer. I believe this apparat forms the vacuum flows that destroy the pathogenic microflora and transfer additional energy to the useful microflora. That is why, the necessity of fertilizers was absent. When my suppositions will be proved, we shall obtain the real way of problem of production of Food in conditions of space. 

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