Ok, lets talk about electron flow. If we have a core of + particles then that would logically start a flow of - electrons away from the core. This flow can be described as gravity, pulling + particles in and expelling electrons.
As we have spin in the core we have also a flat-pressing of the core from top and bottom which gives the electrons a direction to escape or follow the pressure route via the poles or spin-axes. As the electrons start to flow towards the disk we then have magnetism which in itself creates an opposite core on the outside called a magnetic field.

Now my idea. If we would take a heavy core or a radioactive nuclear power-plant and make it spin very fast in space then that would pressure the decaying or expelling + particles in a disk-form around the nuclear core which would then in itself create an electron flow which in itself would create a magnetic field. Maybe, the whole sequence would trigger also gravity. The core would get hotter and hotter which by itself can be regulated true the force of spinning around and cooling true expelling light which is in fact cold energy.

Hmm, seems like a heavy article, but i have trust and believe that it could work if my conclusions as a non-scientist but thinking-generalist are correct.

Grtz, Dirk.