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What are your thought??? Its been going on since 2002 and we are close to January 1, 2019. Is this is why NASA is testing asteroid deflation missions???? 

Jul 28, 18 / Vir 13, 02 18:29 UTC

Agree... up to my knowlage and it's not accurate there is prototype yet created to achieve this with nuclear warhead... North Korea develop a missile but would it be powerful enough to reach detonation in a safe spot or it has to be near earth..  rather way it's a challange 

Oct 5, 18 / Sco 26, 02 11:21 UTC

sounds like they need or want to do this , but i have other uses for it, lie while you are there not for impact tests but to do other missions , 

first have an attractive device to gather the roack s, second using another deivce be able to unfreeze and freeze , (freezing woul dnbe normal process based on the kelvins) then using engineering secure the rocks together, it could be used to create a housing to whic stuff couldbe placed, we couldbe that stuff , other devices, thruster couldbe added, it coul dhave better insulation ,,like a vulcanization process with rubber, a more durable substance already exists in space. plus it is already in space. 

the inpact test is limited to costs my way is viable to a future with plans to use the outcomes in other ways, plus i think the missions should be constand enough to be varied in the way we are completing the takss to gain capacity in space/. but what do you think.

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As a student I never thought I would be interested in something besides [Link Removed] but your site made me change my mind. Thank you!

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