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WARNING! This project is in blatant violation of the UN Outer Space Treaty  

Asgardia-1 Enters Space, Establishing the Space Nation’s Sovereign Territory

WARNING!!! This project is in blatant violation of the UN Outer Space Treaty!

Article II - Outer space, including the moon and other celestial bodies, is not  subject to national appropriation by claim of sovereignty, by means of  use or occupation, or by any other means.

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Yes. Instead of addressing the issue, why don't you just move the topic? Great. Really appreciated... *eyes rolling*

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Tau 03, 02 / Mar 28, 18 11:48 UTC

Sort of an old topic, but I figured I'd reply, just in case someone stumbled upon this topic and took it at face value.

The OST article you are quoting refers to natural satellites and planets. If it included artificial constructs (for instance a space station) it would also apply to satellites and something as "simple" as a GPS satellite would violate these rules. The nearest simile, for purposes of space law, is manned capsules and the ISS (, these are considered under the jurisdiction of the owning nation, much like a ship in international waters would be.

Much in the same way, a craft in orbit around Earth could be subject to national law. Whether or not this craft could be considered sovereign territory, is an entirely other matter, mostly unrelated to the OST, however.

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Vir 03, 02 / Jul 18, 18 15:27 UTC

Desde hace mucho tiempo, los Estados Unidos de América ("y los otros") tienen una serie de restricciones planetarias y espaciales(ciencia, energía, tecnología, medicina, etc.), en contubernio con sus agencias principales y empresas (NASA, ONU, OMS, tec.) Con la finalidad de mantener a la casta terrestre en la desinformación y la ignorancia de la verdad que ocurre en el planeta y fuera del planeta, ademas de la tecnología que posee realmente, por lo que creo firmemente que debe de replantearse completamente la visión, la ciencia, la filosofía, etc., por y para el Gobierno Asgardiano, caso contrario seguirá el continuismo del gobierno planetario en Asgardia.

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